10 Excellent Ways to Show Your Team Spirit Pt. 2

Welcome back to our blog series! Last time, we discussed important steps that you can take to be a better fan. We talked about upping your team spirit game by going to games and tailgate parties, wearing team apparel and gear, and decking out your car or bike in your team’s logo. While these ways are super valuable, they’re not the only means of supporting your college team!

There are so many ways that you can be a better fan of your hardworking college teams and campus athletes. Afterall, many of these athletes are trying to balance school work, time-consuming practices, community activities, and more. It’s time that we, as fans, show more support and confidence in our teams. So, as promised, here are a few more ways to show your team spirit.

5. Talk About Your Team On Social Media

These days, one of the of the best ways to spread the word about something is via social media. Because of social media, countless no-namers have become stars, fake rumors have spread like wildfire, made-up statistics have circulated, and countless other ideas have become commonplace in our minds. Social media can be a powerful tool when we use it correctly. For this reason, we should work so spread positive things about our teams. Come across a powerful story of one of the players, share it! Hear about an inspiring event or occurrence during a game, spread it around and retweet like crazy! Social media can really help a team or organization gain more of a following, especially if we all pitch in.

6. Keep A Positive Attitude Even When Your Team’s Losing

It is not by accident that when a team is struggling, tickets to see them play are cheaper than when they’re winning. How many of us have witnessed fans streaming to the exits before the game is even over because the fans have simply lost hope in their team coming up with a win? When we see this, it reminds us that fair-weather fans exist, and every team has them. As we stated in our last blog, a fair-weather fan is someone who calls themselves a true team supporter, but they’re not willing to support a team that’s not winning.

This is not a positive attitude to take on and it’s definitely one that spreads around, permeating others attitudes as well. Your team will not always be suffering; there will come a time that they are winning again but they still need your support in the meantime. Show your team spirit by maintaining a great and positive outlook even when it’s seeming grim for your athletes. The best thing that you can do for your team when they’re struggling to get those Ws is to remain a faithful fan. Attend the games as if your team was winning, wear your college apparel more than ever, speak positive words, and share encouragement when you get the chance. Don’t forget that your team is made up of a bunch of kids. These guys are not being paid millions of dollars like pro athletes are. Please be kind to them and do your best to show your team spirit by believing that they can win.

7. Learn The Rules Of Your Team’s Game

So obviously, if you know all of the football rules by heart and already watch your team devotedly, then this point might not apply to you. But there are many of us, girls and guys alike, who don’t quite follow all of the rules of football. You might have questions like: What is a ‘pick’? Or What is the difference between pass interference and holding? These are great questions to ask and no one should feel stupid or uneducated by asking them.

In learning all of the rules to your team’s sport, you’ll ensure that you’ll enjoy the games that much more. When you know what’s going on, sports can be extremely exciting and entertaining. But when you’re lost, it’s no wonder that you’re getting bored or restless. There are some great resources online for learning the rules of different sports. Do some research, you won’t regret it.

8. Host A Team Themed Party

This can either be a tailgate party, an after-game party, or a gathering outside of game time. Hosting a team-themed party is an excellent way to show your team spirit. Decorate in team colors and wear your boldest team apparel or campus gear. Plan some games or activities that revolve around the team that you’re supporting. Look into history, facts, stats, and similar things to put together a trivia game like jeopardy or trivial pursuit. However you choose to go about doing it, hosting a team-themed party is a sure way to level up with your team spirit.

9. Be The Mascot

Ok, so we know that this is team-love level 10, but becoming the mascot of your team will make you a believer for sure. It’s a great chance for you to “put on your game-face” and unashamedly cheer for your favorite athletes. Look past the sweaty interior of that tiger or bear costume, it’s not about that. You’ll never regret choosing to become the embodiment of your team, but you might regret not going for it if you have the opportunity.

10. Reach Out To Individual Members of Your Team

As we stated above, being a college athlete can be exhausting, discouraging, and all-encompassing at times. They are balancing so many different things at once, all while trying to maintain a good GPA. These kids are not professional athletes being paid millions of dollars, they are playing this sport for the sheer love of the game and are not above being discouraged.

Do your best to reach out to them with encouragement. Now, there is a difference between being kind and being creepy. So don’t start borderline stalking them, but send them an uplifting message on their social media profile or email. Who knows, your message may mean the world to them. And even if they don’t reply, know that you’ve done what you can to encourage them and lift their spirits. In this way, you’re being a true fan.

There are so many great ways to show your support for your college teams. Whether you implement one or all of these, just know that your actions, however insignificant they may seem, could be quite influential in changing the culture on your campus. Wear your college apparel or mascot suit proudly and show your team that you’ve got their backs!

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