10 Excellent Ways to Show Your Team Spirit Pt. 1

If you didn’t grow up watching or being involved in sports, some of the intensity of sports fans may be a bit lost on you. You see these crazed individuals downtown, still painted in team colors and decked out head-to-toe in their team’s logo, celebrating the victory of the evening. Or on other occasions, you venture into a party or restaurant and see these same fans with their heads hanging low… clearly mourning a defeat. Such is the life of an extreme fan.

Though it can seem bizarre to some, we love our teams. We support them with our words, actions, spending, and even beliefs. We either avoid certain habits or practice weird traditions on game days so that we don’t jinx our team. There can be no apologies for this; many of us eat, breath, and dream about the team we support.

But what about those of you who fall into the middle? You don’t paint your home in the team’s colors, but you still want to show your support; you don’t drape the team flag from your vehicle, but you still want show team spirit. Well, if this sounds like you, we’ve got some great tips for where to start. But beware, if you follow these steps, especially if you follow all of them, there is a real danger of your becoming what we refer to as a superfan. If you have weighed the risks and believe yourself to be safe, then please, read on. In this blog, we’ll explore the 10 best ways to show your team spirit.

1. Go To A Game

Of course, this is number one on our list. What better way to show your team spirit than to actually witness your team doing what it does best? The weight and meaning of your support by attending a game can be measured with the following questions:

  • Am I spending money on this game? If not, would I spend money to watch my team play?
  • Am I still attending even though the weather is less than optimal?
  • Am I going to this game with a group of friends, or am I willing to go alone?
  • Am I still planning on attending even though my team isn’t winning much?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then we’d measure your support and team spirit to be pretty high in this category. So good job! If you answered no to all of these questions, you might be what we call a fair-weather fan, which means that you’re only a good fan when it’s convenient for you. And if you’re ok with that, then it’s no big deal. But if you want to be a good fan and you answered no to all of these questions, you probably know that you can do better.

2. Wear Your Team’s Gear

With the accessibility of great team gear and clothing to show your spirit, dressing up for your team is an excellent way to support your athletes. Remember the days when the options for wearing team clothing was a jersey or baggy t-shirt? Well, that’s no longer the case. There are long-sleeved t-shirts to support your college team, custom shirts to show some love to your campus athletes, and even campus clothing specially made for ladies. Gone are the days of limited options for dressing up in your team’s colors and logos. Check out our store for some great apparel for your college student!

3. Attend a Tailgate Party

If you’re already making efforts to attend your team’s games and you’d like to level up, going to a tailgate party is a fantastic way to go about doing that. Usually, you can even score a little bit of food or beverage at these tailgate parties and it’s a great way to pregame. Tailgating, having started in the 1920s, first began by using an actual truck’s tailgate to eat and drink before a sporting event. Well, not much has changed in almost a hundred years. Our trucks have modernized and we don’t all use them to tailgate, but we still love to get together before a big game and eat, drink, and get hyped for our team.

4. Put Some Team Decal On Your Car Or Bike

Feeling like adding a little bit of team spirit to your method of transportation? Add a team sticker to your window, bumper, or bike basket. This way, everyone that you pass on the road on on campus will know who you support. Beware though, once you put the sticker on, you are representing your team. If you’re an aggressive driver and tend to make a lot of hand gestures while you drive, you might consider waiting until you’ve calmed down to adorn your car with your team logo. Otherwise, the poor citizens on the road might start to think of your beloved team differently.

There are so many ways to up your game in the team spirit department. You don’t have to walk around your campus like an indifferent person who doesn’t know anything about your team. You can take purposeful steps toward being a good fan by picking up some college apparel or decal with your team’s logo, going to games, attending tailgate parties, and more! Stay tuned for part two of our blog series in which we’ll discuss more fun ways to show your school’s team spirit.

If you’re looking for a great place to shop for college shirts or campus apparel, look no further than our amazing products at Barefoot Campus Outfitter. We’d love to get you all set up with team gear so that you can show your spirit.

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