Fall Fashion for Guys

Great Autumn Fashion Ideas for Guys

Hey there! Welcome back to the Barefoot Campus Outfitter Blog. We’re dedicated to providing you all with the latest trends and fashion ideas, as well as helpful guides for navigating the world as a college student. It’s finally October and you know what that means: fall fashion, chilly days, great holidays, and pumpkin everything! Our campus attire company covered some of the basics of fall fashion for the ladies a few weeks ago here on our blog, but we never got the chance to discuss guys’ fashion. Because we sell amazing college attire for both girls and guys, we thought it would be beneficial to discuss some of the in style fall fashion ideas for the dudes, because we know how well-dressed you all are.

Flannels Forever

Nothing says fall like your favorite flannel. These shirts can serve as either a full-on shirt when buttoned up or a lighter jacket when opened and paired with your favorite college t-shirt. Additionally, flannels work well on just about any guy, regardless of style preference. This autumn, for pre-game bonfires and fun fall activities, we suggest pairing your flannel with a vintage college shirt, some darker wash jeans—the fit depends on your preference—and either a pair of Clarks or Doc Martens. This style is a comfortable twist on a classic style that will keep you both warm and fashionable.

Sport Fever

Football season isn’t over just yet. Now that the temperatures are beginning to dip a bit lower and the sunshine isn’t lasting quite as long, we’re going to need to make some alterations to our style. For the dudes, before big games, our campus apparel company recommends tying together your favorite baseball cap, a pair of jeans, and a warm windbreaker or fleece. Even if you’re down in Florida or Texas, the nights tend to get a bit chillier, so don’t go unprepared! This outfit boasts a sporty flair that can’t be beaten by the cold.

Tailgate Hero

What’s a football game without a tailgate? We’re not too sure either. Anyway, we don’t suggest that you show up to a tailgate looking drab, and we’ve got a great outfit for you. Start with a pair of comfy khakis that are ideal for the fall temperatures and match it with a pair of Clarks or boat shoes. To show some campus pride, also make sure to wear it with a quarter-zip sweater that has your school logo on it. Last but not least, top it with a baseball cap for the ultimate tailgate outfit. We promise you’ll be looking fantastic.

Movie Night and not so Chilly

Not every night is centered around football and tailgates, and sometimes you just need to relax and watch a film. For these nights, we suggest going the ultimately comfortable route. That means jeans, a pair of Vans or Converse, and a college t-shirt. You’ll be prepared to kick back, relax, and enjoy a film with some buddies or that special someone. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Summer For Life

Sometimes, even though it’s technically Autumn, the air and sunshine speak for the summertime. On these days, we suggest sticking with a pair of khaki shorts, a college t-shirt, and some tennis shoes, like Vans or Adidas. Even though it feels like summer during the day, there’s no telling what the air will bring at night. Make sure to bring a hoodie or zip-up sweatshirt just in case!

Happy Autumn, guys! Hopefully, this style guide was helpful and that you’ll have some spot-on fashion inspo to get you through the semester! Be sure to shop Barefoot Campus Outfitter’s inventory of college apparel for some great shirts and gear! See you soon!

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