College Apparel to Buy for Your Favorite Student or Fan

Shop these items this holiday season!

The holidays are upon us, so don’t waste any more time stressing about what you should buy for your friends and family. Barefoot Campus Outfitter is the go-to store to pick up all of your gifts for college students and fans alike. This holiday season, shop for some college apparel that is chic, fashionable, and best of all, comfortable. Did we forget to mention that all of our clothing and accessories are affordable? Give the best gift possible this holiday season and don’t go broke doing so. Here is some gifting inspiration from our college gear store:

What: TTU American Pride College Shirt

For whom: Basically any fan or student at Texas Tech University who also loves to sport their American Pride!

Why: Everyone, and college students especially, needs a comfortable outfit to relax in, wear to class, or sport at a low key event. This particular college shirt is designed with an American flag  coupled with the Texas Tech insignia. The style is chic and with the times, as it’s made with vintage colors and a faded graphic on it. This shirt is perfect for both ladies and guys and can be given as a supplementary gift or on its own. Start shopping, people!

What: BU Prestige Sweatshirt

For whom: Any Baylor student or fan who likes simple things

Why: Minimalism is in, and for most, so is comfort. For the chillier nights and days, this crew neck sweatshirt, known as a “noodie” by some, is uber simple and comfortable. If you’re a lady, pair it with dark knit skinny jeans, a scarf, and some boots. For the guys, wear it with your favorite pair of jeans and dress-down shoes, whether that be sneakers or boots. Its simple and classic style will withstand the years and will be something your possible kids will also love to wear. It’s the perfect gift for any Bears fan, we promise!

What: USC Master Logo College T-Shirt

For whom: A University of South Carolina fan or student who knows how to dress

Why: This simple college t-shirt turned chic masterpiece is really the perfect addition to any USC student or fan’s closet. The classic black print layered with the fierce USC logo makes it more than just a college shirt; it’s a piece that can go with anything. Often, students who are known for their stylish garb have issues finding clothes to wear to games and campus events. A simple t-shirt can go a long way, as long as it looks good! And trust us, this one absolutely does.

What: FSU Semi Leg Margo Pant

For whom: The Seminole lady who needs something comfy yet cute

Why: The past few years have brought with it something truly special: the ability to wear pajamas without really wearing pajamas. One of the best garments of this trend to emerge is the flowy pant in all of its glory! Barefoot Campus Outfitter quickly jumped on top of this trend and created these pants specially for the Florida State Seminole lady who needs something comfy for the days when she doesn’t feel like putting on real pants, a.k.a jeans. Their design feels like pajamas but looks like a fashion statement. Have a Florida State fan or student in your life? Give them the gift of comfy fashion!

What: TXST Youth Football Jersey ‘17

For whom: The littlest Texas State fan!

Why: The best part of being a fan of a team is raising your little kids, siblings, nieces and nephews, cousins, or whoever else to be equally as supportive as you are. Every Bobcat Fan knows what it’s like to root their team on during big games, and nobody can go without decking themselves head to toe in college apparel à la Texas State. Barefoot Campus Outfitter doesn’t want the little ones to feel left out, so we made this super cute Texas State jersey that’s great for game day. However, if you do buy it for a little one, make sure to get them a football or basketball to go with, since what child loves clothes for the holidays?

What: ISU B 3 Color Logo Beanie

For whom: Basically any person in Ames who is cold this winter… which is everyone

Why: Iowa isn’t known for its mild winters, but what it is known for is Iowa State University and all of the students and fans of the college! If you know a Cyclone fan, this gift is the perfect choice. It’s cute, ISU approved, and designed to keep all ears warm during the colder months. This is a practical yet personal gift that will suit just about anyone who is a fan of Iowa State, so you really can’t go wrong with gifting it this year!

What: SHS C Stencil Hat

For whom: A student, parent, or alumni of Stephenville High School

Why: Stephenville, Texas is a sports town, that’s for sure! Stephenville High School boasts an all star football, basketball, and track and field team! While they’re all athletic, they’re also stylish! This holiday season, if you know a Yellowjacket fan or student, give them this hat which is perfect for both men and women! Give it to your relative who is currently a student or to a mom or dad who is always cheering on the team from the sidelines!

Happy holidays all! Of course, this is far from all that we offer! Shop all of our college gear and accessories before the holidays at Barefoot Campus Outfitter!

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