Christmas Shopping Made Easy!

1 3 D  A Y S til CHRISTMAS!

Are you ready? Have you got all your shopping done? HA, guess what… I haven’t. Would y’all believe me if I said that I haven’t bought one gift yet? It’s the truth. No, I’m not the Grinch or Scrooge this year… it just came up on me so fast! Why stress though, there is something for everyone here at Barefoot Campus Outfitter!

The holidays are upon us, so don’t waste any more time stressing about what you should buy for your friends and family. Barefoot Campus Outfitter is the go-to store to pick up all of your gifts for college students and fans alike. This holiday season, shop for some college apparel that is chic, fashionable, and best of all, comfortable. Did we forget to mention that all of our clothing and accessories are affordable? Give the best gift possible this holiday season and don’t go broke doing so. Here is some gifting inspiration from our Barefoot campus apparel originals:

For the ladies in your life…

The hunt is o v e r… the buck stops here with this one. In LOVE with The Great Deer Hunt sweater. This oatmeal, cozy sweater is my favorite. I love the simplicity of a Barefoot original.

Our “Let’s Cuddle” sweatshirt is flying off the racks… not surprised! This is beyond cute and it’s Comfort Color brand… every girl’s favorite!

For the wine lovers… our “You had me at Merlot” is one that makes for a great gift! Who doesn’t love a good graphic tee?!

For the bed heads, the late risers, or the comfy casual chick… hats will never let you down. I could own all over our ball caps, but I also could wear them every day.

For the guys…

Our BFCO Beer Bear Executive jacket is everything your guy will want this Christmas! Not to mention it’s on s a l e right now, yup! It’s 100% polyester and unisex fit. It’s cool and it’s comfortable!

Our Texan AF tee will be sure to keep your dude happy! Guys need graphic tees too for those casual days!

Is there ever a guy to be unhappy about another hat? Our 3D Branded Texan cap is a good gift for the guys on your list!

Don’t forget we have all of our collegiate apparel as well! There is something for everyone here at Barefoot, even for the kiddos. Our college hats, accessories and gift sections are sure to make your Christmas shopping easier.

Get to shopping, everyone else already is! We are so close to Christmas!

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