New Year, New Style!

^ Who needs a Valentine when your bestie can be yours this year? Match in these NEW precious “TX XOXO” love tees! ^

Well, it’s exciting around Barefoot Campus Outfitter! All of the college apparel products that we have been holding for the new year has been shipping out and being placed on the website. Actually, Brittney (our website developer) is sitting right here next to me entering even more product for y’all to be excited about!

Is it just me or has anyone else been in the shopping mood?! New year, new me… right? So, clothes fall under that right? It’s justifiable in my head… and let me tell you that we got it going on at Barefoot Campus Apparel right now. I’m a t-shirt fanatic anyway but we are excited about our new merchandise! All I have to say, girls, is graphic tees… it doesn’t get much easier and cuter than that for a day on the go!

SO, I wanted to show off a few of my favorite NEW items that are available to you NOW! OK well, cut us some slack… there is a lot of it, some of them might be available within the next day but keep your eyes peeled!

Need I say more on this tee? No…

Still warm & cozy in our sherpa pullovers in the new year… this one is just representing the great state of Texas!

Sassy in this FuNkY San Marcos tee.

Cute in our local tees.

Lazy but cute in our favorite sweatshirt that says it all.

– Slayin’ in our “Hola Y’all” tee –

Chill in local vibes.

Our local tees are so chill but so cool. You could wear them anywhere! They are really making a pretty big hit around here. We have them for all of our locations!

The tees are simple but that’s what is cool… the styles are endless. Wear them however you please!

Make sure you’re following our Barefoot Campus Outfitter Instagram! I’m constantly posting new arrivals and things to be on the lookout for on there!

I’m all over graphic tees and my bank account is already hurtin just thinking about it… how about y’alls? New year, same shopping habits.


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