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With TSU homecoming madness here in Stephenville and all of our new fall merchandise hitting the floor… I thought I would show y’all some of our new cute pieces to make for a stylin’ and spirited homecoming attire! Homecoming is always a toss-up once I hit my closet… I can dress nice or I can dress cute and cozy. Thankfully here at Tarleton, I don’t believe we dress up as nice as some D1 schools… so we still have the chance to be super cute but comfy too. You can never go wrong with skinnies, booties and a chunky sweater! Although, we have had many warm homecomings and sundresses were perfect for the occasion then too!

I had to begin with our FAVORITE University sweaters that are out now! We finally got our Tarleton ones and needless to say that I am obsessed. They are incredibly lightweight but will still keep you warm and cozy on a chilly, fall homecoming day. Would be paired perfectly with a denim skirt (my personal choice) or with skinnies and booties!

Our spirited Glitter Arch slouched tees are as simple as they sound but all the rage. They are one of those tops that look so much cuter on, especially once you have the outfit all done-up! I think you could take this whichever direction you wanted; it can be dressed up or dressed way down by pairing it with converse or sneakers.

Keyholes, cold shoulders and low cuts. Need I say more? These pieces really speak for themselves and they are screaming CUTE.

I really love this black top because it looks dressier with it still being so casual and comfy. The keyhole and cold shoulder combo is everything. This is another piece that you can really dress up if you wanted to by pairing with cute wedges or booties! Orrrr you can dress it down and still be just as cute!

I mean who doesn’t love this style? It’s precious and simple. It has my vote!

Not to favor the Gamecocks this post but I looove this knotted tee look ~ effortless!

The preppy sweaters are too cute to overlook this homecoming!

I love this photo from our fall photo shoot and I had to include it because I feel like it’s great layering inspiration for the fall! The guys are sporting a preppy look and the girls look great but everyone looks comfortable… what more could you want?!

HOW CAN WE LIVE WITHOUT THIS VEST? We can’t. It’s a must have and would be WAY cute for your homecoming tailgate. Ripped skinnies and booties or riding boots ~ yes, please. It’s casual but I love it. I think it would be so cute over a white long sleeve of some sort! Plain or graphic; chunky or tee style.

Don’t forget that you can’t go wrong with cute layers and simple tees! We have so many cute and different styles in long sleeve tees for everyone’s school! You can tie them in a knot on the side and throw a vest over it with skinnies or a skirt and G-O! I really like the idea of a chunky sweatshirt and a cute denim or black skirt too. I don’t mean to sound so casual but with the right shoes and accessories, it would be so cute for your homecoming tailgate and game!

I hope this post leaves you feeling inspired and excited to shop our new merch! We are loving it all and we know you will too! Most importantly, I hope everyone has a FUN and safe homecoming!

Tag us in your Barefoot homecoming style! I would seriously love to see you guys in our new campus apparel that we have rollin’ out here at Barefoot Campus Outfitter!

With love,

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