So What I’m Saying is..

Oh iiiiii’ve had the time of my life, and I’ve never felt like this before.


But also found.

What a time to be alive…(you know I had to throw Drizzy in this post somewhere), its 2018… I’m 21… in college… These are the times I’m going to be talking to my kids about one day, these are the times my friends and I are going to look back on and think of how stupid we were, but also how much we have learned to know each other but better yet, know ourselves.

They’re not lying when they say that not everything can be taught out of books. I mean of course we are here doing the dang thing for that piece of paper that shows all the time we spent in the lib, all the worrying about grades, the amount of essays and quizzes we worked on, and of course these things are preparing me to enter the workforce and be knowledgeable of how to be successful in my profession. However, minimizing the Blackboard tab and putting the books aside, these college years have taught me more about myself and given me more life lessons than I could ever imagine.

  1. The comeback is always stronger than the setback: Life happens. Whether your struggling in your relationships, financial stability, academics, just know that you WILL overcome this.
  2. The real me: Learning each and everyday who I am is a whirlwind. This is the time to really find yourself. This is where you find out what your passions, interests, likes and dislikes are, who you are and who you are not. At times it’s confusing, at times it’s exciting. College is probably the first time you’ve been out on your own. It’s going to be crazy looking back a year or two from now and see the personal growth you’ve gained just by what college has shown you.
  3. Being comfortable isn’t growth: There has been a handful of situations these last couple of years where I wasn’t entirely sure if  leaving the person, changing my major, leaving the job I’ve had since day 1 of college was what I needed to do. If you’re anything like freshman/sophomore year of college Arlette, you hate not pleasing others, you have a lot to say but never say it, or maybe you just prioritize others more than yourself. WORK ON MAKING A BETTER YOU. This was probably the hardest lesson I had to learn. It’s also been the one I’ve been most thankful for. I wouldn’t be here writing to you guys behind a computer at BFCO Headquarters if I wouldn’t have left something I was comfortable with the last two years of my life. Take chances in life, you’ll be thankful for all of what they teach you.
  4. Balance is Key: If I could summarize my freshman year into a sentence: Balance is key. Fall 2016 was crazyyyy. I had just accepted a bid into my sorority, got TOO involved with organizations, campus was crawling with hot guys that I gave too much of my time to, parties were left and right….Good grades? I don’t even know her. Y’all, if it wouldn’t have been for my Sorority study hours, I don’t even know if I would be here…starting my junior year. Life is all about balancing your job, friends, family, and personal time and putting your priorities in order. 1st semester was def a reality check and helped me balance out work and play.
  5. This is the youngest you’ll ever be, this is also the oldest you’ll ever be: Take things with a grain of salt. You are never going to get these times back. Take the road trip, go out that Wednesday night (just make sure you’ve made a dent in your hw first), keep your perspective zoomed out, take advantage of the time you have with your family…you’re going to want to have those extra 5 minutes with them back one day,walk with Jesus, Love everybody you encounter fiercely, and don’t half-ass it. (the essay, connections you make, the love you have to give, etc.)


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