The first 7 months were a trial run for me

We can all agree that fall is THE best time of the year amirite? If y’alls summer went anyway that mine did you can make this a time to turn over a new leaf and make this fall season YOUR season… better yet finish off the year strong and still make it your year. YOU GOT THIS. Nothing like revamping yourself mid year, lol.

Lets talk about different ways to make this fall szn the best yet. First and foremost, FOOTBALL season is HERE… AKA tailgate til ya drop…. AKA cute tailgate outfits. #shopbarefoot #shopbarefoot #shopbarefoot for your game day gear! I cannot tell y’all how many hours I’ve spent online looking at t-shirt cutting inspo for all my game day outfits for this year y’all. There are a BILLION ways to funk up your tee. Also, can we talk about cheer skirts being socially acceptable for people other than the actual cheer squads? my junior high self is LOVING this and I really hope this trend doesn’t fade out anytime soon. So what better way is there to revamp yourself than to go on a shopping spree? Besides that shopping spree will cheaper than going to therapy.

like i said… i am LOVING the cheer skirts now a days. Can i wear one everyday? …
i’m def here for bandanas this szn…every szn.
BF Ames babes killin the t-shirt game

Fall also means BaCk To ScHoOl! I know, I know. No one truly loves going back to class after spending most of their days pool side and BlackBoard free. BUT school supplies can be that motivation to open up your planner and GET IT DONE.

“Maybe this’ll help me get my life together?”

“No I didn’t just spend the entire lecture doodling in mixer dates, formal, HOCO, and tailgates into my planner… k so maybe I did. But look at how cute the pink pen shows up!”

New school year new room, AYYOO. I redecorate my room more than the average person should but once I do, I feel as if my feng shui cannot be touched. TARGET y’all. Sad? go to Target. Hosting a party and need to prepare? go to Target. Redecorating? go to Target. Bored? Go to Target but hide the bank statement from your parents. I’ve found THE CUTEST things this summer for you to complete the look you’ve been wanting throughout your little home.

i need this… i need this rn.


bc if you’re anything like me.. it def has to be faux because i suck at taking care of plants.

area rugs tie up any room!

So when I finally get my life together for this fall 2 0 1 8 …. its over for you nerds.


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