How To Make A Fire Insta Caption

If there’s one thing you should know about me is that I am the caption Q U E E N. Lets just talk about how humble that first sentence was… l o l. However, you can’t ignore greatness. The key to a good insta caption is that there isn’t a key. I follow no rule whatsoever. Does it get a point across? Idk, maybe sometimes. Does it make sense? Idk, maybe sometimes. Is it stupid and 1/8 of your followers will actually get it? Idk, most likely.

People probably look at my insta and think “What the heck is this girl on…” But really I just enjoy using outside of the box captions that give a prime example of todays pop culture slang and current events. What better way to look back at Timehop 20 years from now and dive into nostalgia from using “Saturdays Are For The Boys.” Do y’all even think Timehop will be around by then? I’m kind of indifferent about this… I already have my daily cringe sesh when stuff that I posted on my Facebook wall in 7th grade pops up.

Anyways, just have fun with your feed! I never take things TOO serious on social media. It’s all about expressing yourself and being real about the life you live. So, here are some prime examples of how my feed screams that I’m in college and totally doing it the right way. 😉

be witty!



Lil Wayne is Godsent and so are his lyrics. A great way to start a post that gets the point across that shows how real the excitement is for football season



Nothing like killing two birds with one stone and showing your love for Posty while marketing your fire Spotify playlist



Hi my name is Arlette Giles and I have a strong love for Post Malone.


#1 Victory Royale! Pop culture. eat it up. use it for good. like insta captions.


humbling to say that people actually looked up what lyrics started at the 2:02 minute mark of the song. Keeping your followers on their feet 😉


Unbothered by what? Did a boy make me mad? Did I just disregard the amount of margs and chips& queso I had that day? No one will everrrr know


Barstool Sports and Old Row have shaped my social media platforms (and platforms I stand on) to what and who I am today.


>> Biggie Biggie can’t you see << Old school rap will ALWAYS be cool.




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