How to hold yourself accountable…

We all know how hard it is to stick to those new year resolutions. It’s the fourth day of the year and I’ve already seen tweets and heard complaints about just wanting that pizza or caving for “just one” Dr. Pepper or just a quick social media login. I literally have not set any yet soon I’m not struggling much personally, l o l. I’m starting my new year on the first of February, the first month is a free trial.

Considering we all know how the struggle is real when it comes to resolutions, I figured I’d come up with a few ideas that will maybe help you hold yourself accountable for your goals and help you stick to them. Just some quick and simple ones!

  1. Be specific. It’s great to look at the bigger picture and strive for your big endpoint, but make short-term goals and resolutions that you’re able to keep track of and make note of progress. It’s easier to hold yourself to something that isn’t so vague.
  2. Speak out. Go public with your resolutions, let the world know what you’re about to do. Post it on social media or just talk to friends and family! Not only does this give you support but it’s also another person behind you, pushing you to keep going after what you’re working for. Someone who won’t let you slack! No one choose me, I’m a horrible influence. I’m always going to tell you to hit the snooze button, stay up for just one more hour and to always get the cheeseburger.
  3. Simplicity. Kind of going hand in hand with being specific and not focusing on a bigger picture, pick resolutions that are most important to you and pick a couple. Don’t overload yourself with 5 things to change this year!
  4. Be realistic. You can do anything you set your mind to… but don’t ignore reality. What has caused you to fail at past resolutions? Keep that in mind when setting your goals for 2018. What are goals you can realistically set for yourself to tackle every day? Running or getting to the gym every single morning may not be realistic.
  5. Timing. Make a time frame! Without an end time for your goals, it’s too easy to keep putting everything on the back burner.

I hope that those little bits of advice help you with your resolutions this year! Y’all, I should probably make one or two. I got a lot of bad habits that wouldn’t be so bad to kick or change… I’m not perfect, lol. Does anyone else have any ideas on how to make sticking to these things any easier? Drop them in the comments of this share! I want to know! SOS.

Good luck with your drive and dedication, may it be better than mine! And don’t forget to check out Barefoot Campus Outfitter’s amazing selection of campus gear, college apparel, and campus clothes!


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