Creative Wrappers!

I think that my favorite part of the gifts at Christmas time is the wrapping of the presents! I won’t say that I am an amazing gift wrapper and I will admit to many years of practice and asking my grandmother for help from her perfect bows & wrapping skills… but I love putting on my cozy clothes and sitting down in front of the tv to watch a Christmas movie while I wrap all the goodies I bought for my loved ones. I also l o v e all of the cute wrapping paper. Of course, I love all the chic wrapping ideas, the pretty shiny reds and golds, but I also love the traditional, animated looking Santa’s, snowmen and reindeer. I kind of base my wrapping off of what the gift might be or who it’s for… and from there I try to keep the same theme for each gift for that person.

Since it’s really something that I love to do and enjoy looking at everyone’s pretty wrapping so much, I just wanted to share a few Christmas wrapping ideas that I thought were really pretty, different or would be cool to give a try!

I’m actually really loving these and am extremely tempted to branch out and try them this season! *Still needs to shop and wrap presents… for everyone.* I’ve really always loved the idea of the brown crate paper with a simple sharpie taken to them or a pretty string bow… but these chic ideas are sleighing it! Weirdly obsessed with the black and silver boxes, loving the white with the garland pieces, and of course, I could never go wrong with the shimmery golds and silvers with all the bows and ornaments attached. L O V I N G them all! If you’re still looking for great gifts to get for the loved ones on your list, check out our amazing college apparel at Barefoot Campus Outfitter.  We’ve got college gear, campus wear, and gifts for all kinds of styles and tastes! Shop our products today!

How do you wrap your gifts?! Any new or different ideas for me to try out or that you’re planning on trying this year? Do you stick to the traditional wrapping papers?

I cannot believe we are e l e v e n days out from Christmas! The clock is tickin’ and Santa is watching!

Ho Ho Ho,

– M

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