Home for the Holidays!

Finals are done, the stress of the fall semester is over and Christmas excitement is finally in full force! We are rushing around doing our last minute Christmas shopping and wrapping them up to place under the tree but best of all, we are headed home for the holidays.

Being 23, running home doesn’t exactly mean getting together with old friends as much as it used to… just understanding that it’s been almost six years since we all left high school. Although, I do get to see some of them still since a couple of us stayed in touch over the years but for you younger college students, you might be excited to get home and see all of your old friends! Either way, it’s always fun and exciting to be able to sit around and reminisce about the old memories, while making new ones!

If you haven’t thought about getting together with your old pals, make the effort! It’s always fun to go out and tear down the town (if you can & are of age) but the most fun nights I have had have been nights sitting at someone’s house playing games and just hanging out. Sit around a fire, go bowling, or casually enough just go grab a bite with everyone!

My first year away, I was super excited to get home and see old friends and even hang out with my new friends that were from the same area. I am always out and about anyway, even now, so plans were being made left and right to go out here and do this then. After all that was said and done, Christmas day had come and gone, I was all ready to jet back to Stephenville… and honestly, my family was bothered. Looking back, I know I was young and just excited to be running around all over the place but being older, I appreciate and cherish my family time a little more now then I did. So my only advice to y’all, is to definitely see your friends… absolutely! BUT seriously balance it out with your family, make them feel like you’re just excited to see them too! The holidays are for your friends and family both so maybe even try to incorporate everyone into your plans! I know that my friends from growing up love my parents just as much and so it is way fun when they all come over to hang out with my parents or we all get together with everyone’s families.

What are some of your favorite things to do with old friends or even your family when you get back home for the holidays?! Comment on this share and let me know! Maybe it’ll give me new ideas to do with my group! And in the meantime, make sure to check out all of our amazing apparel at Barefoot Campus Outfitter! We’ve got college apparel and campus gear for all tastes and styles!



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