Making the Most Out of Your Holiday Season…

Who do you spend your holidays with?

Your immediate family? Everyone? ~ squeezing into one cozy house with all of your parents, siblings, aunts & uncles, cousins and grandparents? Maybe you spend it with your closest friends? Have you ever thought about how much time you’re actually spending with them in these moments?

The best part of this time of the year is being with friends and family. This is a reflective month that makes everyone cherish their loved ones and the time spent together even more than usual because it’s the month of being thankful. Although, there is one thing that can hinder your family time… your phone.

The best present you can give this holiday season is your presence.

Trust me, I LOVE being on my phone. Not because I’m addicted to the texting or the creeping on social media to see what everyone else is up to, but because I love documenting my fun and making memories. I’ve always been the friend and the person that takes pictures of everything! Now, since social media is such a big hit with Snapchat and Instagram, I am always wanting to post a picture of whatever fun I’m having. The older I am getting though, I am realizing that I am too much into documenting the memories and not fully living in them.

I’ve really been trying to make the habit of putting my phone away in my purse lately. Of course, I still love taking pictures and I definitely still do! I just wait to do the posting after the fact. I mean let’s be real… we all know how much time and effort goes into the perfect filter and lighting on an IG photo, I don’t have time for that when I’m trying to enjoy whatever I am doing!

This is especially for you youngins that are still fresh in college and haven’t been away from home long… really give your parents the happiness of knowing that you are home with them again and wanting to be there because ya missed them sooo much! 😉

The Instagram posts, the memes, the Facebook videos and your Snapchats will all still be there when you’re done. You can spare an hour or so to give your full attention to your family!

Things you don’t you need your phone during…

I wanted to share some fun activities that you and your family could enjoy together over the Thanksgiving holiday! The best thing you can do this month is get outside! Who doesn’t want to enjoy the fall weather?! And now, with some of our amazing college apparel and graphic t-shirt, enjoying the outdoors will be even easeir!

Ok… before I start listing these things, I don’t want y’all to think I’m crazy or naive. I KNOW WE ARE GOING TO BE ON OUR PHONES! Annnd I definitely wouldn’t miss the photo-op. for these activities. BUT get your fun pictures (because you’ll want them one day) and then put the phone up until it’s over!

  1. Backyard football! Nothing beats a fun-filled, family competitive game of football with all of your siblings and cousins.
  2. Take a trip to your local pumpkin patch ~ get cuddled up in sweaters and cozy clothes & head out to get lost in a corn maze!
  3. Fire pit & smores! Build up a fire, snuggle up and laugh about old times with your fam. Nothing beats reminiscing with the people closest to you.
  4. Game night ~ IT’S ON in my family. Someone whips out them spoons and it’s all downhill from there. No promises someone isn’t going to get hurt. But I do promise you that it has been some of our most fun nights. Bust out the Dominos, Uno, and even Cards Against Humanity for the daring families.

Some families only get to be all together just a few times a year and sometimes the holidays are the biggest times. Some people may have their aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents hours and hours or states away! Even if it’s just you and your immediate family together for the holidays and you don’t get together with everyone or even if you do, whoever you are with… make these moments last and make them count.

And in the meantime, make sure that you shop our products at Barefoot Campus Outfitter! We’ve got the college gear and campus apparel for all tastes and styles!

Be attached to your fam this season, not the rest of the world. Time is the one thing we can’t get back.

In gratitude,


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