Is Shopping Really Always a Good Idea?

I love shopping, a little retail therapy never killed anybody…  but, is it always a good idea? Every day of the year? That one, BIG day is upon us…


I’m usually not a big Black Friday shopper… the crowds and the malls are way too much for me. Not to mention, I’ve spent my hours in retail working Black Fridays and that turned me off to it because, from that point of view, I was robbed of quality time with my family when everyone was in for the holidays. So, I became a bit of a salt-stick towards stores being open on Black Friday. Although, I have had my fun on Black Fridays. I have spent most of my Thanksgivings in Oklahoma with my family and Black Friday shopping in a small town at the local boutiques and Walmart was sufficient enough for us, we had a blast doing it. I’ve only braved Black Friday shopping in the metroplex twice… NO THANK YOU! I won’t eagerly be jumping on that train anytime soon, at least not the early riser and all day train.

But for all you crazies out there…

How to survive the madness

  1. Research. Don’t just dive on into the craziness, winging it sort of thing. Do your research; know which stores open when what deals and steals to be on the lookout for or waiting out for; and what you can skip out on.
  2. Prioritize. You can probably prepare for disappointment anyway, just because there might be something that you cannot get your hands on… but prioritizing your list might help that. If there is a TV you’re just dying to have over a camera sale, then make that #1 on your list. Plan your journey on what gift is of most importance (even if it’s a gift for yourself). I mean heck, you’re not going out to fight the crazies just to shrug your shoulders and say “I’ll get what I get”!
  3. Make a plan. Basically, do what I just said in #2. After you prioritize a list of what is most important to try and buy, make your plan/schedule. What time you should head out, what stores you will go to in order, and food breaks! You can’t stay energized without some food in your tummy!
  4. Hydrate and Medicate. Don’t rely on Venti Peppermint Mocha’s and energy drinks to get you through the day. Don’t forget to drink lots of water! I mean this is for you nutso’s who are planning to head out Thursday night and be out until the late afternoon on Friday. Take some Advil or Ibuprofen with you! Those crazy crowds may start to give you a headache!
  5. Comfort. Y’all know I preach this loud and clear… DRESS COMFY! There is no reason to be trottin’ around in booties or anything that is going to kill your feet. It is too long of a day, my friends. You sure can dress cute and cozy in a sweatshirt or graphic tee with a plaid shirt wrapped around your waist though!
  6. Go late. If you just are worried that you might die (I would, it’s fine) then go later?! Only if you aren’t on the hunt for a big steal like a new TV, Apple Watch or something of the sort. Because I can almost guarantee that those will be g o n e like the wind.
  7. SKIP! Orrrr you can just skip it altogether. Stay at home with your families? Shop online… don’t fight the nutso’s! I’m jk’ing… I’m not judging you little die-hard shoppers out there ~ I wish I could do it, I just can’t do the crowds. More power to y’all though!

I get that Black Friday is a big deal and yes, I will say that it can definitely be fun waking up before the sun and heading out with your aunts, mom and cousins to go shopping! My cousins and I would stay up all night and then we would start getting ready at 4 am to head out with our aunts and it was so much fun BUT, stores opening so early is so crazy to me. Let those people see their families a little longer than they are getting! Holy smokes. I’m not sure if I’m quite on board with stores opening the night before, which would be later in the evening on Thanksgiving. That’s so crazy… can’t we have one day just gathered at home with our closest loved ones?

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Good luck, babes!

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