Turn up your Instagram heat this summer☀





Summer is here! The 2017 translation of that is, selfie season has arrived! That being said, let’s talk about a few steps to transform your instagram from blah to BOMB this summer!




First impressions are everything! Create a fun, unique instagram name and bio to stand out and maybe even brighten someone else’s day just a little! If you need some help thinking up something witty, pinterest funny quotes and use one of those for some inspiration.

Next, as I am a sucker for a good aesthetic, this is the most important step. Choose a color scheme that makes you happy and stick with it. Something to consider when deciding on an instagram theme, is that brighter colors attract more followers and likes! Download apps like, VSCO, Facetune, and Snapseed to edit your pictures. In order to keep your pictures flowing together, edit them all the same way and use the same filters. In order to see if your next picture will fit into your theme download the app, UMUM. This app allows you to add and delete pictures from your feed so that you can visually see which picture work – or don’t, without making any changes to your instagram. Even if you just took the most flawless selfie but it doesn’t go with your theme… tweet it!


Third, plan ahead! I know, it sounds kind of overzealous for instagram, but it pays off. If you are having a good hair day and out and about at a cute place, CARPE DIEM! Pack a couple different outfits and take a couple different pictures at the same place but maybe on a different wall! Make that day trip look like you had a peaceful weekend getaway! Another good tip for this step is to follow instagrammers who’s page is already cute for picture inspiration.

Next, stay consistent. You have to find the happy medium, don’t over do it or under do it. You may think your followers don’t notice your frequency, but they do. I think we all know that one person who post’s non stop, all day everyday. Don’t be that person. Juxtaposed to that, you have to make sure you are not a ghost as well. A good posting frequency is about once or twice a day.

Lastly, have fun! After all, that’s what Social Media is all about! One easy way to have fun with your instagram are captions! Slap a witty caption on any picture and I instantly like it 1,000 times more!


I hope all these tips help to boost your insta feed this summer,



P.S. – remember me when you’re insta-famous. 🙂 

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