Bucket List

Adventure is synonymous with Summer, and as a self proclaimed adrenaline junkie, I can barely wait! I have always been a firm believer that if we all die in the end then the goal is to die with memories, not dreams. To help make these goals more obtainable, it helps me to list them all out in a bucket list. This way, I can feel a huge sense of accomplishment as I cross them off. If you have never made a bucket list, I highly advise it! Even if you’re not a psycho like myself, you can keep it mild. Just fill it with all the things and places you want to go or do, and start crossing them off! Here is mine – please try not to be scared for my well being after reading.


  1. Swim with sharks – No cage, just me and the sharks hanging out
  2. Go base jumping – This is where you jump off a cliff or tall building with a parachute
  3. Go skydiving – Or as my mom would put it, “jumping out of a perfectly good airplane”
  4. Bungee jump off a bridge – And pray like H-E-double hockey stick that my cord doesn’t snap in half!
  5. Zip line across the Royal Gorge Canyon – The 2nd deepest canyon in the U.S (it’s as deep as the Empire State Building is tall).This is my first big cross off on my list! It was so exciting to see how beautiful the canyon looked from overhead! Only down side – I got stuck in the middle of the canyon on the zip line because they raised weight requirements due to high winds, but still decided to let me go. All that meant though was that I go to enjoy the views just a while longer. Unfortunately, there is not documentation of this as my Dad, who was deemed camera man, was too busy freaking out that I was stuck…

And my less crazy ones

  1. Learn French, or relearn Spanish
  2. Once a year go someplace new
  3. Travel to; all over Britain, England, London, Italy, Iceland, Scotland, Greece, New York, Washington, and Wyoming.
  4. See the Northern Lights
  5. Take a bath in a hot spring – This one I was able to complete in Colorado last summer and it was AMAZING
  6. Climb a mountain – I know this probably seems vague, but being from Texas, anything higher than a couple feet off the ground will take my breath away. Although, nothing quite took my breath away like the hike up to 12,005 feet. “Omg I L-O-V-E cardio” – Said no one, ever. Hence why I’m turned around in this picture, I was too sweaty and tired to smile. 

Bucket list are a fun way to be adventurous and maybe even help push you outside of your comfort zone! With that being said, there is also no pressure to do anything you want to do! Just because pinterest said you should see the world from 10,000 feet in the air doesn’t mean it has to be your cup of tea! Whether it be to visit all the countries in the world, or even just all the coffee shops in your hometown, make it yours and make it fun!

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