Mother’s day gift ideas

Tell Us What You Want, What You REALLY REALLY Want (get it, like the Spicegirls?)
Raise your hand if you have a mom that has everything or THINKS she has everything? *insert my raised hand here* If you didn’t raise your hand, I’m extremely jealous and you don’t need to read any further.. or do and get a couple of ideas 😉
Well since idk what to get my mom and my mom friends for Mother’s Day, I took a poll. And here it is..

Sarah, 25, Mother of 3:
When asked “if you could have three things for Mother’s Day, what would they be?” she answered within 2.5 seconds (not like my mom who took like 3 months to tell me what she wanted  exaggeration, but you know what I mean). 
 1. Facial: easy enough. There are spas/salons all over the place no matter where you live. You could buy a gift card and let her choose what type of facial she wanted (this one is looking pretty simple).
 2. Massage: also easy. You COULD combine the facial with the massage and knock two birds out with one stone, ya know what I’m sayin’?
 3. Flowers: so this one is pretty spot on for all mom’s. Most would love a bouquet of flowers to display in their bedroom/kitchen/living room. To make it extra special, you could buy your own flowers and MAKE your own arrangement (it’s the thought that counts, so do your best)!

Chesney, 23, Mother-to-be:
Now, she took a little more time to think of her answer, but nevertheless, she answered me quite quickly.
 1. A healthy baby: now, you can’t give this as a gift, but you can do anything to help make this happen. Example: relaxation, pampering, love, prayer, etc. Basically a kick-butt first Mother’s Day.
 2. Family photoshoot: this could easily be done with your own camera or you could gift an actual photoshoot with a REAL photographer (if you need one in the Hill Country, lemme know, I have the hookups).
 3. Massage: do you see a common thread here? Obviously, you can’t go wrong with a massage and/or facial.

Jill, 59☺, Mother of ME:
Yuppppp, you guessed it! She had to think about this question for a couple of days until I got an answer.. *eye roll* I’m just tryna be on top of my game and get my gifts ready but noooooo.. She finally did answer me so now I have a couple options:
 1. Car Cleaned: so I used to do this once a month for her when I was in HS and apparently, she still likes for me to do this for her. (this is a good option because you don’t have to spend any money!)
 2. A day with my daughter (cell phone not included): this one made me LOL. I guess I’m glued to my phone, who knew? So this one also doesn’t cost you anything, unless you pay for food and her shopping spree (which you should). Just plan a girls day, breakfast or lunch, maybe shopping or sightseeing, and an early dinner. Easy peasy. 
 3. A dog friendly beach vacay: Okkkkkaaay Mooooom, this one is going to cost a little. Maybe she will help pay though. You could do all the hard work: finding a dog friendly beach/town, finding the hotel/house, planning the drive, etc. Then you each pay partial of the trip. I’m sure if you plan the trip Mom will take that as a great gift ☺

So I’ve asked a range of mothers what they would want from their son or daughter for Mother’s Day. I feel like this is a pretty good idea of what could be given to them. Then if you still can’t figure out what to give them, I’ve linked multiple Barefoot shirts and hats that she will surely love!
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