Be My GALentine…

Because who needs boys anyway?

I’m fully on the Galentine train this year… nope, not a boy in sight for me l o l but that’s okay! They say that our soulmates are our best friends anyway, right? So why not spend this love filled, candy eating, wine (or champagne for the bubbly drinkers like me) drinking day with your best girlfriends? Did anyone else have the realization that Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year? It’s like the universe wanted us to down a bottle or two with our girls and eat endless amounts of chocolate. (All of us single people do know that the real holiday is the 15th when all the V-day candy is on sale)

Here are a few fun and cute ideas to get your GALentine’s day going!

  1. Raspberry Champagne Floats. Like I said, I’m a champagne drinker… so, for those of you who are of the legal drinking age – try out this yummy drink! I love punches so I thought this was festive and tasty looking. All you need is raspberry sorbet (2-3 scoops) pink bubbly and fresh raspberries to garnish off your drink! Place the sorbet in a large wine glass and pour the champagne over, top it off with the fresh raspberries. Yum! Keep this classy by dressing up or sport what’s cozy: your best college t-shirt from Barefoot Campus Outfitter! *Ok or just get after the bottle of bubbly… whatever floats your boat*
  2. Pizza Party! How cute are these heart shaped pizzas? Make your own dinner with your gal pals this night You just need a heart shaped cutter to cut the dough into these cute lil things… count me in! 
  3. Chick Flicks – duh. Honestly, what is a girls night without watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 days… it’s not one. So go ahead and add that to the list! Sweet Home Alabama… makes my heart melt still, ugh LOVE it. Not to mention BOTH of those movies are hilarious. The Notebook… don’t lie and say even though we’ve all seen it a billion times that it doesn’t tug on your heart strings and maybe even still bring a tear to your eye! And in your comfiest college wear, you’ll be in heaven.
  4. Chocolate covered strawberries… oh my heavens, yes. We cannot forget those! You can get so cute and crafty dipping strawberries with your girlies! Sprinkles, white chocolate drizzles, you name it! I get too impatient and normally eat them as I dip them… whoops, lol. 

I hope these make your night in with the girls festive and fun! We’ve already decided that the champagne floats are definitely a thing that is happening… fo-sho.

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