Carve or Paint?!

Staying on a fall/Halloween trend here… I decided to give us some pumpkin inspo and see what trends are in for porch decor for Halloween 2017. Of course, I turn to Pinterest, who never fails me. Is it just me or does anyone else have the same battle every year… to decorate for fall or to decorate for Halloween?! Everything is so cute! I like the idea of fall because it’s pretty and it can last through Thanksgiving BUT I LOVE Halloween! The spooky porches make me so excited. Either way, pumpkins go either direction so here are a couple ideas for your crafty hearts!

I am loving these ideas! Some of these were carved with a drill… how stinkin’ easy, why did I never think of that?! Loving the carve & paint ideas… keeping it trendy & cute! Someone even did this style for coffee table decor, precious. If you have a steady hand and patience, the ones that have writing on them are super cute too. Honestly, it takes the mess out of all the pumpkin carving (why I like to paint, plus it’s pretty) but for some of you, that may take out the fun too! Of course, I didn’t leave out some spooky, classic styles for those of you who like to keep it traditional.

For some of you, fall isn’t your thing {as much as summer} sooo, maybe keeping the summer spirit alive will want you to get your porch ghoulish in a different way?!

Check out this fall 2017 trend! I didn’t how I felt about it at first but I actually kind of like it. I really do love pineapples, they have been my obsession lately. I’m still dying to get my hands on the pineapple door knocker (on my Christmas list). For those of you that don’t know about pineapples, they actually are a sign of welcoming and friendly hospitality. SO, how perfect to incorporate pineapples into your fall decor for your front porch! What more could you have to say welcome to my home?!

I hope these left you feeling inspired for your Halloween or just fall porch decor! It’s got me wondering which one I will choose! I love the pretty paints, especially the metallics… but maybe I’ll spice it up and incorporate a pineapple carved pumpkin, painted in gold metallic… and a smaller one painted white with my initial on it in gold metallic. I’m thinking that sounds pretty cute?!

Comment on our Facebook share of this blog (FB: Barefoot Campus Outfitter) with pictures of your Halloween or fall porch decor! I want to see how y’all designed your pumpkins (or pineapples?!) this year! Or go ahead and tag me (IG: barefootcampusoutfitter) in your Instagram post of your pumpkins. I run the social media so I will be sure to see it! I love interacting with you guys, that’s what makes my job FUN!

Have fun carving, y’all! And make sure that you check out our shop of amazing campus apparel and college wear at Barefoot Campus Outfitter today!

Mostly treats, few tricks 

– M

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