A Meet Me…

Lately, you’ve noticed that our blogs are ending with “-M” and sometimes a picture of some blonde girl. Since there have been a few of us in the past that have held this title and who have been behind the screens… *enters Gossip Girl world for a moment*… I thought that I would take a {post} and introduce myself. That way you know who’s behind the “I” and who’s behind the screen/social media… isssss me 🙂

The me is Mackensie, Mackensie Ferris. I am 23 and from Fort Worth, Texas… yeehaw. I’m a senior super senior here at Tarleton State and finishing up my last little bit of time here in this town. I started this job here at Barefoot a little overwhelmed and a lot excited. Overwhelmed & nervous because I had never blogged before but really excited because I was getting to express more of my creativity by freedom in social media and because I was getting to gain experience in something new. I have a lot of retail experience, from many different sides of the fashion industry that I won’t bore you with… but I’ll just say that I really enjoy styling (yes, even though you’ll catch me in a t-shirt 90% of the time) and managing social media accounts. This led me to my minor choice, Business Marketing! Alongside my Psychology degree, of course.

Rando fun facts:

  1. I could eat Mexican food three times a day, every day.
  2. I truly have a saltwater soul… the beach is my happy place. But really. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico has been my home away from home for the last 18 years. I love boats and I l o v e to travel. I’ve been very blessed in this life to have the opportunity to travel many places. I really share seeing the world with my dad.
  3. I’m an avid hunter. I have been hunting since I was 4 years old (my first trip to the deer lease was when I was 6 months old). 10 years ago, I picked up a bow and have been archery hunting ever since.  It’s really something that I cherish and something that my whole family and I have always been able to enjoy together.
  4. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost FOUR years. Most of our college career… Holy Moly. What’s a girl got a do to get that bling bling… 
  5. I have a 6 month old Corgi… she’s beautiful and absolutely perfect. A corgi has been my dream dog & I’m finally living this reality… it’s amazing. I want ten, ha ha ha.
  6. Rodeos, the outdoors, the lake, open spaces and back roads bring me the most happiness.
  7. I was born and raised in Texas but people always think I’m from Oklahoma… whoops. I love it. GO POKES!
  8. I like, weirdly like weird smells?! HAHA… sooo, meaning the smell of gasoline, the smell of dirt coming through air vents in the car, and the smell of barns. K, y’all can laugh. Sounds weird, I KNOW.
  9. I’m obsessed with college football. I can watch it all day long but will fall asleep 5 seconds into any NFL game. Zero care in the world for the NFL.
  10. I liveee for Texas Country and live music. Music is my escape. You can catch me on a patio with a cold beer, supporting local artists and you can definitely catch me at the Larry Joe Taylor Fest every April.

Anyway, this really isn’t a post to sit here and bore you with facts about me but I wanted to connect with you guys personally.

I really do enjoy my job y’all. It’s a lot of fun working with my co-workers in the office, the models, and everyone in the store… but what makes the social media part fun is interacting with YOU! So, that’s why I wanted to make this blog about “me”… it’s really about you & me!

Whether it’s a giveaway we do, or an IG post saying that we want to see your game day spirit, Barefoot style orrr if I blog about something saying comment (on the FB share) with pictures of you & whatever my blog inspired you to do… I ACTUALLY want you to do that! L O L, if you want to of course but that’s the fun in social media, connecting with you guys!

Which brings me to my next point and kind of a bigger reason for this blog! I want you guys to tell me what you want to see, what you want to read. It can be anything at all! Hello, FREEDOM HERE! I have my ideas but I want to hear from YOU!

Connect with me!


  • My personal IG: mackensielf (Let’s be friends, y’all! You can tag me on here too!)
  • Barefoot IG: barefootcampusoutfitter


  • Barefoot Campus Outfitter


Y’all can tag us in your Barefoot style on Instagram, interact with giveaways, tag me in stuff I discussed in my blog that inspired you to try {whatever it was}, and email me to let me know what YOU want to read on my blogs!

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