When Halloween Costumes Are Too Expensive…

Here at Barefoot Campus Outfitter, we’re getting super excited for Halloween! As exciting as the fall is and as fun as Halloween costume planning is… October is also dreadful. It quickly dawns on you that you haven’t decided on what you want to be for Halloween… so then you spend days bouncing between Pinterest and Halloween Store to only begin to wonder how on earth you’re going to be able to afford a costume for ONE NIGHT ONLY. Let’s be honest… don’t lie to yourself and say you’ll wear it again. You won’t. No one wants to costume repeat…

SO, I wanted to share some really cute ideas for DIY Halloween costumes that I think haven’t been overplayed *cough cough, like the deer costumes*. Nope, these aren’t your deer & hunter costumes, scarecrows or your frat boy throw-together costumes… I made sure to pull some ideas that you won’t see all over Instagram on November 1st.

  1. The Cutesy Cactus – How precious is this idea?! Just find yourself a green colored dress (I’ll bet you can google one for cheap, or Forever21 and H&M are bound to have something), a green oversized sweater, or t-shirt, brown leggings and get to work! Easy work that is. Pipe cleaners seem to be the most popular pick to make you look extra prickly (by cutting them, bending them into a triangle point and hot gluing). Top it off with a hot pink fake flower in your hair or hot glue one to a black headband… Instant cuteness!
  2. Netflix & Chill… need I say more? This is way cute to take on with your bestie or your S/O! Plus, it’s WAY easy. For Netflix… all you need is a red over-sized sweatshirt or t-shirt, cute tube socks, converse and a bow. Buy white iron-on letters to spell out Netflix. The same thing is needed for the “chill” part of the costume but buy a blue sweatshirt or t-shirt. This girl really added some extra cuteness by applying snowflakes to her top too! These are adorable.
  3. Sandy & Danny… you can’t go wrong with being Sandy. Who doesn’t want to be Sandy from Grease? If you have a S/O that enjoys playing along in the fun… dress him up in a white tee, black pants, and a black leather jacket to give you your Danny! All you need is curled hair, red heels, a black top and black leather leggings. OH, and RED LIPSTICK. Don’t forget! If it’s you & one of your girly-pops, one of you could be “sweet” Sandy! Just find a pink bomber jacket (Amazon finds?!) and black iron-on letters for “Pink Ladies” on the back. Pair with a black & white striped top, black skinnies, and white shoes! Don’t forget some sassy pink or black sunglasses… LOVE THIS IDEA!
  4. Holly Golightly’s (The Sleep Attire)- I’m personally obsessing over this idea after watching HBO’s series Big Little Lies and their Breakfast at Tiffany’s part they attended. Reese Witherspoon made the cutest Holly & her costume was EVERYTHING. This requires very little DIY activity, just some minor hot gluing.  All you need is a white oversized “tuxedo nightgown”. I would just buy a men’s white dress shirt and press it. *Make sure it’s long enough to wear like a dress* The earrings will be so easy to find because this style is EVERYWHERE lately and they are precious to wear for any outfit, so double win (pictured below). I’ve literally seen this style of earrings in every boutique and even Walmart has them! The sleep mask is what requires some effort. Find a tiffany blue sleep mask and buy some gold sequins, gold glitter, and tiny gold beads… First, hot glue the gold sequins all around the edge of the mask. Second, hot glue the tiny gold beads on both sides into two eyebrow shapes. A few inches below, squeeze out a strip of hot glue under each eyebrow (one at a time) and sprinkle the gold glitter all over the glue to make a closed eye look! Pair with some black strappy heels and you’re perfection!

I hope some of these sparked some DIY costume interest in you or gave you some ideas of your own! If you use any of these ideas or get creative and make something of your own, tag us in your Halloween picture on Instagram after your night out with all the ghosts & goblins! And make sure that you check out our selection of campus apparel and college wear at Barefoot Campus Outfitter!

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Happy Crafting,


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