Dorm Room Essentials

Things You Need in Your Dorm Room

Shout out to all of our high school grads who are getting ready to make the trek to their college of choice! It’s the point in the summer where you’re probably freaking out, especially if you’re moving into a dorm! You’re probably wondering what your classes will be like, how you’ll get along with your roommates, and what college life is going to entail. This time is both riveting and terrifying!

Moving into your new dorm room and getting it Pinterest-ready is a right of passage to freshmen and college students alike. Barefoot Campus Outfitter understands how exciting it is to finally have a new space away from home that isn’t decorated like your childhood bedroom. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the decoration essentials that every dorm-designer will need for a successful project. Our college apparel company has a few years of experience with college dorm decor up our sleeves and we’re here to provide. Here are some essentials:

Magical Command Strips

Most college dormitories prohibit its residents from putting nails or holes in the wall, thus making hanging photos and fixtures difficult to hang up. Fortunately, the brilliant inventors behind Command Strips swooped in and saved the day for millions of college dorm interior designers from all ends of the Earth. These inexpensive strips use velcro-like technology that sticks almost anything to the wall, all without the damaging effects! These little guys are essential for hanging any decor to the walls and ensuring that your dorm is the best on the floor.

Memory Pics

Unless you’ve lived in a cave your entire life with the wildlife (no judging, Barefoot is in our name), then you probably have loads of photos saved up from the years. Our college gear company recommends having as many of these photos celebrating great times with family, friends, and pets to put on your wall. Whether you want to frame them, make a collage, or hang them on a string is totally up to you, design expert! Most stores that offer photo printing can extract photos from your smartphone or the internet, which makes printing extremely easy. Additionally, online stores like Shutterstock allow you to upload photos which they print and ship right to your house!

Lights, Lights, and More Lights

The lights that dorm rooms often feel similar to hospital lighting. They’re bright, fluorescent, and wildly unflattering. Luckily, with the help of the internet and some stores, you’ll be able to find lights that will give your room a pleasant glow. Some lighting options include desk lamps, floor lamps, and, our favorite, string lights! There are thousands of options that are sure to fit your design dreams and light up your room like nothing else!

College Reppin’

I mean, you are in college, right? A school with spirit is a school that ensures forever-memories. Before you pack up the car with all of your belongings, don’t forget to stick in some items to show that you’re proud of your school. Barefoot Campus Outfitter sells stunning college gear for a variety of schools that will give you an edge in both chicness and school pride. Don’t go to school without showing all who enter your dorm room that you’re ready to hype up the campus! Something as simple as a mug at your desk or some sort of college decal around the room will go a long way.


Never trust your college dormitory to have curtains that both keep out the sun and look cute. A nice set of curtains goes a long way in adding touches to your design ideas while also keeping that pesky sun out when you’re trying to skip your 8 am class…er…sleep in on a Saturday? However, because it’s hard to measure the dimensions of your windows when you don’t have access to them, it’s probably a better idea to wait until school starts to purchase curtains! With the widespread abundance that the internet offers, our college apparel shop knows that you’ll find the perfect pair of curtains to match your decorating!

Fandom Recognition

Putting up posters or other types of decoration that signify that you’re a huge fan of whatever you’re into is a great decorating essential idea for two reasons. First: it represents you! What’s more exciting than walking into your new room and being surrounded by what you love. Second, it’s an amazing friendship kickstarter. Making friends in college can feel intimidating, and every little conversation matters. Having posters of bands that you love or memorabilia of some of your favorite artists helps with connecting with people on your floor with similar tastes!

We hope that this advice was helpful and that you’ll have some insight when it comes to prepping for designing the dorm room of your dreams. Additionally, also make sure to check out some of Barefoot Campus Outfitter’s college apparel to get your school spirit prepped!

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