College Without Your Bestie

You know exactly what I’m talking about. You have that one friend that you grew up with, their family is your family, you know what they’re thinking about from the look on their face, and they go to college three hours away from you. It sucks, believe me, I know. But, this is a time in your life you can rejoice it,  it’s somehow in a weird, twisted way, good for you. I miss my BFF so much, but I also know that this is how it’s meant to be, we are both doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing, and it’s totally okay.

I’m including pictures of us because I use every chance I have to show her off (I swear we aren’t dating lol).


I am constantly Facetiming her, probably so much it’s annoying but she can deal with it. It’s probably my favorite thing ever. It’s so refreshing to hear that notorious facetime ring and look down and see my best friend’s face. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing either, I can be in the library spooky section (what we call the quiet zone) and I’m still answering that call. Texting doesn’t do the job, I have way too much to say with a lot of emotion. Phone calls are decent, but I want to show her my life, let her see my outfit and introduce her face to face to my friends. There’s no debate, Facetiming my best friend is basically the best thing ever.

While I was writing this she Facetimed me to bring her lunch soooo just to further my point.


No boy will ever be good enough for her but if she thinks, he needs my approval. He may think he knows everything about her, is on great terms with all her friends, but they are NOT an item until I give my blessing.

“Other” Friends

You know, I get it, I’m happy that she has really close friends at college who love her and my call her their best friends and whatever, but she’s my best friend. I actually sound like a possessive boyfriend, but then again, maybe I am (kidding, not kidding). I don’t care who she meets in this world, I better always be her top friend on Myspace if that was still a thing. I loved her in middle school, dressed head to toe in Roxy and just wanting to play in our fort all day, no one can replace that. But, I’m not even worried, she’s the exact same way and I guess I can share her.

College Tours

It’s so much fun driving around her campus and her telling me all the traditions and what buildings she has to walk to. We to get to show each other “our worlds” and share them with one another. My campus is normal and boring to me, but to her, it’s a whole new life.

Never Getting Tired

Admit it, you get tired of your best friend. You spend every waking second with them, share all your food with them and there comes a time, you need a break. This is totally natural and will happen with anyone you spend 25/8 with, but not if you haven’t seen each other in two months. Whenever we’re together, we can be attached at the hip the entire weekend, and I enjoy every single moment. We have so much to catch up on, how could I ever get tired of her?

College Experience

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like if I went to college with my best friend, I would only hang out with her and not anyone else. That would be dope, but I can’t imagine college without my college friends. Even though I hate that I have to drive so far to see her, I probably wouldn’t trade it. She has her college life, and I have mine, we can be our own person and grow as individuals which is so valuable. Don’t get me wrong, we would have a blast if we were together, but I know she’s not going anywhere so why not expand our connections.

Sharing Friends

I can not tell you how much fun it is to go down to see her and meet all her friends. Seriously, it’s like an instant best friend. Obviously, if they’re super close and get along, why wouldn’t we?? Her friends are so cool and are always welcoming to me which I appreciate so much. Also, whenever they have an event or something, I bring my friends and we all merge and it’s so great. Since I go to college in our hometown, whenever she comes home we always have something to do with my friends and it makes my heart happy. Please tell me what’s better than your hometown friends meeting your college friends, so much love.

The greatest part of your best friend going to a different college is it really shows that you are best friends. It’s like a long-distance boyfriend, you have to maintain the relationship and always make time in your life for them, but they’re way more worth it. I know without a doubt she will always be there for me, whenever I want to drop a class, or when I find $20 on the ground, she there (at least her face on my phone). If anything, we’ve grown closer. We don’t argue about wearing the exact same outfit and we value our time together so much more now. Moral of the story, I miss her so much, but glad we are where we are.

P.S. She’s in town this weekend so look forward to an annoyingly amount of pictures

XOXO, Sarah


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