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Captions are almost as important as the picture you’re posting. They are your own personality behind the picture, a reflection of your Instagram (I’m making this sound a lot more serious than it really is). But, trying to think of a caption while staring at the tiny box that says “Write a caption…” will be the hardest thing you do that day. Lucky for you, I consider myself a caption wiz and I’m here to help you find the perfect one, and I’ll give you some of my best works of words.

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There are trends floating all over the internet and can create the perfect caption. The key with this one is to do it before everyone else, otherwise, your clever caption won’t stand out with the 4,729,835 other captions almost identical to yours. Phrases and words are always happening and coming into style, incorporate words that you see in pop culture and are defined on Urban Dictionary like:

“issa”- Short for It’s “A”.  It was commonly used as slang before the famous 21 Savage interview where he mentioned his knife tattoo. Example: Issa cake

“szn”- slang for season; used to describe a time of year that various events or activities that trend. Example: Pool szn in March

“25/8”- ALL THE TIME! more than humanly possible Example: Ball 25/8

*look of the definition of the word first! Just because it’s popular and everyone is saying it, doesn’t mean you should post it…  it could be something like truffl… jk not even going there*


For some reason, typing badly can create a really good caption. If I’m being super boring that day and can’t think of a clever caption, I just type the obvious in a unique. For example, I posted a picture of puppies, and captioned it “pUpPiEzZzZ”. Why? I have no idea but it makes it slightly more interesting so I’m going with it.


Basic, yet effective. Some song lyrics are basically made to be used for your caption, so use it. Some of my favs are:

“We’re flat broke but hey we do it in style” New Radicals, You Get What You Give

 ^”I’m Miss America Dream since I was 17″ Britney Spears, Piece of Me ^

“No matter who’s buying, [we’re] a celebration” Lil Wayne, 6’7″


I couldn’t think of a category name for these so I’m calling it that ^^^

These are my all time fav captions because they make someone say “LOL WUT?!?!” or at least be like “wow, how creative of you Sarah.” They’re basically lighthearted, random jokes about your pictures and they’re awesome. Look to Twitter and Tumblr for inspo! Anyway, I’m including pictures to describe further what I’m talking about.

I made this obvi in Snapchat, then put it on my Instagram with the caption “Find the Lollipop” (I don’t have emoji’s on my comp). It’s creative, get’s followers involved, and fun to make!

My friend @brelaurynn posted this picture, with the full lyrics of Yellow by Coldplay because there’s a yellow wall… CLASSIC

“we chew up protein powder” I mean this one isn’t spectacular, but I was told it’s fire. But see how simple it is! Just take it lightly!

Hopefully, this helps your caption game, and if not, Venmo me $5 and I’ll come up with one for you 🙂

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