8 Things Grads Really Want

1.) A new planner.

You’re an adult and want to look like you have it all together, a shiny new planner will keep all your important dates and appointments in one place. Check out the Bullet Journal for that creative friend!

2.) Apartment necessities.

Graduating and moving into your first real apartment on your own means you need some necessities to make it feel more like home. A small kitchen appliance or some new towels can be just the thing! Urban Outfitters has functional and stylish items!

3.) Alumni Merch!

You graduated, you finally did it! You’re going to want to show off this new accomplishment in any and every way you can. Of course, Barefoot is your go-to shop for all things alumni!

4.) Cold hard ca$h.

Graduating from college means you’re probably broke. You’re going to want some money to spend on a nice vacation or for your next step in life whatever that may be. Check out Pinterest for awesome, and unique ways to give your grad their cash!

5.) New clothes!

Sure, your college clothes were cool but you’re an adult now and you need clothes that reflect this new step in your life. Look for more business attire at places like Ann Taylor and J. Crew!

6.) Gift Cards.
Everyone loves to pick out their own gifts at the store. A gift card ensures that you are getting exactly what your heart desires.
7.) Diploma Frame/Display.

Show off that diploma, you earned it! Look into gifting this DIY modern floating frame that showcases that hard earned work in style!

8.) A JOB!!!
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just be sure to support them in all their endeavors and give them all the resources you can!


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