Meet the Manager-Statesboro


Ever wondered who’s in charge of your favorite store in Statesboro?? Check out below to meet the manager, Austin.


I grew up in the small town of Hartwell in northeast Georgia. I have a wide range of hobbies that I enjoy. They range from hunting/fishing to skateboarding. I have skateboarded for around 8 years on and off. I’ve always loved sports and am active in intramurals every year. I love playing on teams with all my friends. One of my favorite things to do is hangout with friends and get rowdy and gave a good time. If it involves any sort of traveling I am always down to do something new and out of my comfort zone!


LeBron James or Stephen Curry?
Lebron all day every day of course

Kanye or Taylor?
T Swift

House Stark or House Lannister?
House Stark of Winterfell duhhhhh

Beer or Margarita?

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