Meet the Manager-Huntsville


Ever wondered who’s in charge of your favorite store in Huntsville?? Check out below to meet the manager, Breanna.


Originally from Onalaska, TX class of 2011. Senior at Sam Houston State University majoring in Plant and Soil Science. Member of the Sigma Alpha professional agriculture sorority since 2013, also a member of Collegiate FFA. I enjoy binging on Netflix with wine and ice cream. I also love to read, fiction obviously because that’s more fun. I’m a potterhead (Hufflepuff), twihard (Team Edward), and lord of the rings EXPERT!  I literally live on cheesesticks, like every restaurant I WILL get cheesesticks. I have two little sisters, Rylee and Raygan, that are literally my ENTIRE world. If I’m at the bar I will only drink vodka water and take pickle shots. I’m an avid Michael kors lover but also love shopping at thrift shops.


LeBron James or Stephen Curry?
-LeBron Jaaaaaames
Kanye or Taylor?
-Tswift 4 life
House Stark or House Lannister?
-I have no idea what this means… so I was sorted into The Hufflepuff House and I’m Team Edward.
Beer or Margarita?
-Tequila runs through my veins.. so Margs.

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