Meet the Manager-San Marcos


Ever wondered who’s in charge of your favorite store in San Marcos?? Check out below to meet the manager, Timry.

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Hey Bobcats,

My name is Timry, and I am your Barefoot Campus Outfitter store manager here in San Marcos. I’m from a REALLY small town called Tilden. I’m talking SMALL, like graduating with 17 people small! I moved to the HUGE town (to me) of San Marcos my sophomore year of college to attend Texas State. While in college I participated in Diamond Sweethearts and Young Life.  I am now a Texas State graduate as of last August, and have a degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Mass Communication.

Barefoot added me to their family in June and I’m absolutely loving it! I love Texas State and the city of San Marcos, so it’s so easy for me to be selling our Barefoot product because it’s something that I love and am excited to share with fellow Bobcats! Outside of the store, you’ll probably find me lounging on the couch, binge watching something on Netflix with some ice cream in my hand! I moved to New Braunfels after graduating, so my nights are no longer filled with DP shootouts or Vegas bombs. Instead they consist of actually cooking dinner and going to bed on time. Who would have known I’d actually be able to fall asleep at 9 pm? New Braunfels isn’t quite as exciting as San Marcos but there is plenty do to. It’s a great spot for live music, which is great for a music lover like myself. Visiting Gruene is also another activity I love doing. It’s perfect for date night and grabbing some drinks with friends. BTW, if you haven’t gone to Gruene Tinis you are missing out on life, so good! But the absolutely best part about living in this area is the river! You can say I live on river time. But other than that my favorite color is navy blue, cactus is my favorite plant, and I LOVE bean and cheese tacos!

Thanks Bobcats! Make sure to come visit me at the store! 300 N LBJ, I’ll be there! 🙂


LeBron James or Stephen Curry?

NEITHER! Spurs fan for life! Basketball is a team sport, I don’t think LeBron and Curry know that??

Kanye or Taylor?

Kanye on this one. Sorry Taylor! Love you, but stop playing the victim.

House Stark or House Lannister

Stark all the way! The North will RISE again!

Beer or Margarita

Beer! But whiskey is always my first choice! Yummm.

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