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Mother’s Day 2019

It’s almost that time! Mother’s day is almost here!! Got your gift yet? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. What do you get for one of the most important people in your life? It’s not like flowers are going to show the amount of love and appreciation you have for this woman. BUT with that being […]

Graduation is coming!

It’s about that time Class of 2019! You’re about to enter the real world! Of course, the love for your university where you’ve been for 4 (or more) years will always be there, but you’re FREE! Free to go wherever you want and to be whatever you want to be! Before you graduate though, it’s […]

It’s Festival Season Boys and Girls

Read the title, now read it again. ARE YOU JUST AS EXCITED AS I AM?!?! Spring Semester can be a drag but guess what isn’t…. MUSIC FESTIVALS. The weather finally doesn’t completely stink, spring is springin’, and your ultimate hype playlist can finally be listened to in person. If you’re anything like me, you listen […]

How to Handle the Mid Semester Blues

We’re finishing off Week 6 of Spring semester already? WILD. As quick as this semester has flown by, it’s been a stressful one. From finishing classes in my degree, to leadership positions in my organizations, and working all on top of that, whew… I. AM. EXHAUSTED.  Second semester is pretty rough. Spring Break is calling […]

V-day babyyyy

Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve are pretty similar. We def made up these two holidays but who even cares. I liveee for NYE and Valentine’s Day.. a couple of made up holidays where you get all dressed up and there’s a couple of kisses here and there… A LOT of the time things don’t […]

Happy Holla Dayz

Hey, it’s me again. We thought November was crazy, L O L. December is JAM packed with final exams, company Christmas parties, Friendmas, Christmas, New Years, and everything in between. WHEWWW. No need to overwhelm yourself though, take in all the craziness of the holiday season. I came across this quote the other day that […]

Last Minute Thanksgiving Recipes

Friendsgiving tonight? Family Thanksgiving tomorrow throughout the weekend? Now that we’re considered “adults” don’t be that guy/gal that doesn’t bring a signature dish for holiday potlucks or even more relevant.. THANKSGIVING THAT IS TOMORROW! These super simple recipes that I put together are my absolute favs, so give me a little credit when people don’t […]