The Freshman’s Guide To The Best College Apparel

Finding online college apparel in this day and age is about as easy as pie. But as one might imagine, not all college-specific clothing is made equally. There are plenty of knock-off designs, poorly executed one-offs, and retailers that just don’t deliver very good products.

If you’re a freshman in college, you probably don’t have much moolah to your name. You’ve got to make whatever money you do have last awhile. What’s more, you’re trying to get bang for buck in all things, so when faced with the possibility of spending money on subpar college apparel from a not-so-legit-sounding website, you’ve got a few choices to make:

  • buy something at the bookstore
  • shop college conference gear online stores
  • check out big-name retailer websites
  • venture into the whole homemade/crafting segment of the interwebs
  • go full DIY in your dorm

Honestly, each has their pros & cons, but in the end, you’re settling and that’s no fun. Remember, you’re a freshman who’s trying to make a killer first impression on campus, so the college gear you rock has gotta come with it! As such, wherever you find online college apparel you think may have what it takes, make sure it does ALL of the following:

    • it’s gotta look cool
    • you’ve gotta make it look effortless
    • it’s gotta have school spirit
    • it most definitely has to be unique

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    There’s no better time than now. Think of it this way — if you’re gonna be a ‘fish’, be a cool, if not the coolest, ‘fish’! The best online college apparel is here at Barefoot Campus Outfitter, your college gear headquarters.