Where to Buy College Apparel


Did you know that 78% of college students starting their summer break spend over 1000 hours a week looking for college apparel for the start of the fall semester?!? Ha! Fake out! Just messing with you. None of those numbers is actually true. This isn’t to say that college students aren’t always on the lookout for the best threads that money can buy.

There was a time when finding college apparel was a little tough to do. Students had to usually settle for basic ‘meh’ grey tees with a logo. Everyone ended up looking like they were in the world’s biggest P.E. class. Improvisation was the key to making these plain looks start popping. A perfect example is the famous FSU Cowgirls from the early 2000s. With a little ingenuity & a seconds-long camera pan on a nationally televised football game, these young women became the prototype for making plain college-themed clothing REALLY stand out.

Today’s shopping world is WAY bigger than it ever has been. There are more options for finding just about everything you could want in college gear. So, is sweet college apparel is a priority for you? Here are a few places worth checking out:


School Bookstore — Yeah, you’re not gonna find the ultimate fashion here, but designs are solid, and they do the job.

Licensed Apparel Stores — While there may be some indie stores out there rocking some cool stuff, many of the more popular big-box outfitting stores are taking over. They tend to have a lot of variety, showcase more schools, and have the retail pull to keep stock.

Online Retailers — Nowadays, when you think about big-box retailers, you always think of a particular company that has done well enough to send its owner to space. Their reach, as well as other online retailers, is astounding & hard to ignore.

Auction & Crafting Sites — If you really want to try your hand at scoring the coolest college clothes, you could try your hand at bidding against others. These auction sites have grown quite a bit & have a large following, making it likely you’ll find something that piques your interest. Crafting sites, once the haven for homemade tchotchkes, are now full-blown sales platforms for all kinds of stuff.

While all of that sounds doable, why go through all that effort for college apparel? Go the easy route — shop at Barefoot Campus Outfitter. Barefoot has eleven physical locations nation-wide, prides itself on having an amazing online presence, plus you can dial in your college gear needs by category. Best of all, Barefoot’s got tons of selection you won’t find anywhere else.

Happy shopping!

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