Valentine’s Day Outfits

Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

Ahhhh Valentine’s Day is almost here which means you have to find that perfect Valentine’s Day outfit. Whether you’re someone who loathes the day of celebrating love or you enjoy spending quality time with your significant other, no one can take away the fact that dressing up for this “special occasion” can be fun!

What I REALLY like dressing up for and going out celebrating around this time of year is GALENTINE’S day! Who doesn’t like an excuse to dress up, drink wine, and hang out with your besties?! For me, Valentine’s Day forces us to act “lovey” and that’s just something I don’t want forced. Please, order me a heart-shaped pizza (no flowers plz) on some other day besides a day where you feel obligated to do it because “that’s what you’re supposed to do” on February 14th. Surprise me with some candy and balloons when I come home from work on a random day in the summer just-because. That’s why guys, Galentine’s Day is where. it’s. at.

So, if you’re wondering what you should wear for this special occasion, look no further. For me, I’m all about comfy cute, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get this year at Barefoot when you’re looking at our Love Day tees. I’ve got three options for you + tips on how to style them as well. Plus, they’re only $17.95…WUT.

Kiss Me Tee

Girl wearing Valentine's Day Kiss Me tee on bench.

When I saw this Kiss Me tee was hitting the press, I knew I had to have it. As you can see above, we styled it with a blue jean jacket and jeans bc F A S H I O N. Keep scrolling for more ways to style this awesome leopard tongue tee.

Love Love Love Tee

Two girls wearing Valentine's Day tee Love Love Love Barefoot Tee

LOVE LOVE LOVE is what this tee is called and tbh, I couldn’t love love love it more. The girls above have it paired with red velvet pants & some black skinnies, which…CUTE! Check out another way to style this tee:

Sucker For Love Tee

Two girls wearing Valentine's Day sucker for love tee and a love love love tee.

We’re suckers for this Sucker for Love tee. Above, we styled it with some jeans & sneakers. Scroll down to see how to dress this tee up.

I hope this guide helps you find different ways to style our love tees! Have fun doing whatever your doing this February love season! Happy Valentine’s Day but more importantly, Happy Galentine’s Day 😉 -xx Bri

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