Barefoot Christmas Playlist

Ahhhh it really is the most wonderful time of the year. There’s no school assignments due, no late night cram sessions, no staying in the library until 2am studying for your finals. Instead, it’s heading home for the holidays, getting to hang out with your high school besties, having your mom cook for you, sleeping in because you don’t have classes. Yes, you’re back at home for almost a month under supervision but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

If you haven’t left yet to go back home or you’re planning a road trip to visit family for the Christmas holidays, we have the playlist for you. To get you in the Christmas spirit, we’ve compiled a list of all of our favorite Holiday songs. They’re new and old, some classics, some songs that are even just a week old. We’ve got country singers, pop singers and Elvis Presley thrown in there as well. Over 8 hrs of music, so get to listening and get in that Christmas spirit ya filthy animals!

Click the link here or search “A Very Merry Barefoot Christmas” on Spotify!

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