Fall Bucket List

It’s the best time of the year! Cue the pumpkin spice lattes, chilly mornings, pumpkins, soup, and sweaters…fall is the BEST! Plus, there’s TONS of stuff for you & your gal pals to do during this wonderful time of year! Check out the list below to make Fall 2019 one for the books.

  • Go to an Orchard. Whether you’re traveling north during the season or having a low-key fall at home, there’s an orchard near you! Plus you can get really cute IG picks with all the colors so why wouldn’t you go?
  • Scary Movie Marathon. Right now, there’s TONS of scary movies for you to watch during October. My favorite movie marathon to have is Harry Potter. Whether it’s scary or not is up to you but there’s just something about watching it that brings me back.
  • Slumber Party. Pop some popcorn in the microwave, grab your fav bottle of wine, invite your girls over & have one of the best nights you’ve had in a while. There’s just something about a night in with the girls. 🖤
  • S’mores Around a Campfire. Do I need to say more??
  • Go to a Pumpkin Patch. Last year, one of my best friends got engaged at a pumpkin patch, so they’ll always have a special place in my heart. But really, who doesn’t love pumpkin patches? It’s a cute photo-op & they have tons of different options for pumpkins that you usually don’t find in a store.
  • Show someone you’re thankful for them. This season is all about giving & what’s a better way to start your fall off than showing someone you care? It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Bring someone at work their favorite coffee; call your Mom up and schedule a weekend to hang out with her; send your bestie a care package. These small gestures go a long way & to be honest, it’s probably way overdue.
  • Family Game Night. I’m lucky enough to live in the same town as my dad and brother, so this ones a little easier for me, but nothing brings the family together (or apart if y’all are real competitive) like good ‘ol fashion fun. Ohms (a card game) & dominoes are our fav.
  • Tailgating. Let me start by saying I LOVE sports but even if you don’t enjoy sports or football, tailgating is still SO FUN! You get to hang out around your friends and drink. Yes, please.
  • Carve (or paint) Pumpkins. Nothing says it’s the start of fall like pumpkins. Whether you want to go all in by carving (it always seems like a good idea in the beginning) or have less to cleanup by painting, it’s a tradition you HAVE to do! Plus, if you carve the pumpkin, you can roast some pumpkin seeds to eat…yum!
  • Make a Pie. It’s PIE SZN!! We’re not worthyyyy. Whether you’re a chocolate, pumpkin, apple, peach cobbler, or pecan pie kind of person, learn to make one before Thanksgiving! You never want to show up empty-handed to an event and trust me, everyone LOVES dessert.
  • Make Caramel Apples. Nuts, marshmallows, caramel, chocolate, m&m’s, and whatever else you want on them. I know they’re hard to eat but TIS THE SEASON!!
  • Visit a Haunted House. Not like a reaaaal haunted house bc no thank you but like one that stuff just jumps out at you. I’m all for that.
  • Light your Fall Scented Candles. It’s LIT.
  • Basketball Games. You don’t have to be out in the elements like football 🙌
  • Bake Pumpkin Bread. Your house will smell delicious and you get to eat pumpkin bread. Sounds like a win-win to me!
  • Camp in Your Backyard. Grab a tent, some sleeping bags, a pillow, and your closest friends. It’s like you’re going on an adventure without spending the money for it or traveling far from your home.
  • Christmas Tree Farm. This goes with saying that this needs to be done AFTER Thanksgiving (I’m all about giving Fall & Pumpkins its time).

If you do any of these things this fall season wearing Barefoot, we’d LOVE to know! Make sure & tag us on social media & you could be featured! Have a great fall! 🖤 -xoxo, Barefoot

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