Fall Favs

Does it feel like fall in Texas right now? No. Is that going to stop me from buying a comfy sweater from Barefoot or some cute fall booties? Absolutely not.

Over here at the Barefoot headquarters it *FEELS* like fall (besides the 100 degree Texas heat burning down on us). When I say it feels like fall, I don’t mean the weather though. In our office, the fall scented candles are burning, the fall decorations are out, and the best part is our new fall arrivals are here! We’ve been working hard to find the best product that you guys will love and we think we found it! I gathered some of our best fall arrivals for you guys! I hope you enjoy!!

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IOWA STATE FANS: You know you’ll need to be rockin’ Barefoot’s new sweatshirts & outerwear when it gets cool this fall.

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We hope your fall school year is the best one yet! We know it will be the most stylish one cause you’ll be rockin’ your Barefoot!!

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