To Travel is to Live…

Go where you feel most alive

I’m a huge supporter of the whole “buy that plane ticket, figure the rest out later” idea in life. Although I’ve only mildly done that…

*Vegas trip, Feb. 2018, best Vegas trip yet*

 I hope to live up to that some day, just book it for a while out, save, and GO! Regardless, I’m a huge travel enthusiast. My dad and I both are. I’ve been on planes, going and traveling since I was a baby! I’m forever grateful for everywhere I’ve been, but just last month, I FINALLY got to travel to S P A I N! I have been wanting to see Barcelona for thirteen years and it finally happened. That alone, was an incredible feeling. To have dreamed of seeing somewhere for so long and then in that moment realizing where you’re sitting and taking everything around you in.

With all that being said… a word of advice. Do your research.

Anytime you want to go anywhere, you should obviously do your research. Look up the food, make sure you won’t starve; look up the safest/best towns to visit; safest places to stay; tourist sights you cannot miss, etc. Truly know what you’re getting yourself into before you go. Some of you probably live a little more care free, spontaneous and kicked back than I do. Your pallets might be more “international” or “cultured” than mine. My expectations for Spain, were high… very high. The reality, was a crushing realization. THE FOOD IS HORRID. If you’re somebody who likes to eat good, like myself, do yourself a favor and just hit up Italy. I’m assuming pizza and pasta for every single meal is beyond better than the things that were before me all over Spain.

Although, we did find the McDonalds in each city we visited, and yes… you better believe that many “doble hamburguesa de queso” were ordered 🙂

I guess I wasn’t expecting such a populated or hustle bustle city area? Cheetah Girls 2 def. hyped up Spain… still curious if their tourist rate became higher at the time of that movie… l o l, probably not, right?

Honestly, I wouldn’t truly recommend someone to not go… I think everyone should go anywhere they have the chance to, there is so much to see and learn in this world. BUT maybe don’t make it like you’re #1 go-to.

Either way, it was a fun and educational trip. I’m glad I can say that I’ve been… I’ve seen it, it’s cool. BUT your girl is BEAMING with excitement and beyond ready to get to AFRICA in just ten months.

A few of us have traveled to exciting, new places lately and of course, Barefoot went with us!

Where have you taken your Barefoot this summer? Tag us on your InStAgRaM! We love to see the fun!

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