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Nothing stresses me out more in the mornings {besides waking up late, whoops} than not knowing what to wear to class. Let’s be honest, I’m the last person to dress up for class… but I still care about what I’m wearing to an extent. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I am waking up to throw on some Nike shorts, a big tee and I’m out the door. When it comes to being on campus most of the day and running to work in-between classes, I will 95% of the time choose comfort over cuteness. In the rush of the mornings, having to be decent for work annnd trying not to look like I seriously just crawled out of bed… I struggle to quickly throw some pieces together without a little time and thought. So, to help myself and hopefully some of you out too, I wanted to throw together some comfortable, cute outfit ideas to throw on and go! This will save us some time and give us a little bit of inspo… for those days that you’re not feeling being too cute but not feeling like Nike shorts are going to cut it for all activities for in your day either.

Oversized is Underrated. 

Not to sound contradictory from above but we just can’t live without oversized pieces in our wardrobe. There are ways to make this look cute without looking like you slept in it the night before (which I’m not judging bc I definitely pull that look from time to time, LOL).

  1. Oversized sweatshirts and denim shorts {it’s fall but it’s still warm down here}. Not to mention, that used to be my favorite part of fall growing up, back when the weather cooperated… I loved being able to still wear shorts but having a sweatshirt or jacket on because of the crisp breeze! Anyway, this is a cute and comfy idea ~ it’s an easy way to show your school spirit too! Pair it with a pair of cute sandals or your favorite low or hightop Converse! Check out some of our options for college wear at Barefoot Campus Outfitter!
  2. Crop sweatshirts and yoga pants. Make people think you just got done getting your morning pep-workout in… but somehow still look effortlessly cute! Whether you buy it cropped or buy a cheap big sweatshirt and take the scissors to it yourself, this is a cute athletic look that we all love to sport! Pair it with your favorite pair of New Balances, Nikes or Adidas! 
  3. Loose-fit sweaters and leggings. This is one of those dress-it-up, dress-it-down moves. Which are like my favorite because it can go from day to night with a change of shoes. I love soft and baggy sweaters! It makes me feel so cozy and puts me in a fall-ey mood! I love my neutrals, especially at this time of year but pops of color are fun too! I love a dark beige, mixed grays or oatmeal color with black leggings… but maroon is a favorite fall color of mine too! Change it up and try a light gray pair of leggings with darker sweaters too! This outfit would pair so funky and fun with any pair of the trendy Steve Madden sneakers. A metallic pair would really make it fun!

Comfy in Layers

  1. Tees & Plaids. Basic and easy… but layered and cute. Pair your favorite graphic tee with a plaid shirt ~ wrapped around your waist or wearing it! Either way is too cute! Pair this with distressed skinnies and either a pair of low heeled booties or riding boots! I personally like making my legs look longer, so if I have something that will be long (like a larger plaid shirt or a plaid wrapped around my waist), I personally like to wear it with booties (heeled or low heeled) to not take anything away from the length of my legs, resulting in me looking short and stumpy. Or again, since we are talking about being on campus all day, slip on your favorite slide sneakers (like Steve Madden^)!        
  2. Denim jackets are everything. One of my favorite looks is black leggings, a white tee or a graphic, under my light-wash denim jacket! Either dark or light denim would look cute! It’s so comfortable, warm enough on the brisk days, and way trendy with the layers. Pair this with gray or black Nikes, New Balances or your Adidas again! 

I’m hoping this helped out my ladies a little bit! I know it’s something that we don’t worry about much or sounds simple enough, but sometimes some of us need a little extra oomph for inspo! Luckily, my job is super laid back and I get to wake up not stressing too much because I can be comfy and relaxed cute all the time! Helloooo, I work for a t-shirt company! BLESSINGS! At the end of the day though, I know tired us college students are and how sometimes our days get so hectic we grab the closest thing to us and roll with it. YOU DO YOU, BOO! WEAR WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU!

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Ta-ta for now,


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