Where My “Trash Walkers” At?!

Once upon a time in a far-off land, an irrelevant man named David, branded the oversized T-Shirt epidemic – Trash Walkers. (pictured below)

And girls from all over fired back by embracing a newfound stereotype!

If someone who didn’t know me walked into my closet they would be very confused as my clothes literally range from a Youth Large to a 2XL – and at least one of each size in between.

This has by far been my favorite fashion trend for so many reasons!

1. CAN SOMEONE SAY COMFORTABLE! It’s finally socially acceptable to wear pajamas in public – WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!

2. (Maybe my favorite reason of all) I can eat as much as I want without feeling insecure! While in my Trash Walker costume, am I skinny? Am I bloated today? Did I hog a 20 piece McNugget to myself? You’ll never know.

3. We’re finally done letting boys tell us how to dress! The Power-Woman, Betsy Johnson, once said: “If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked at all times.” The typical response I get from men when I mention an oversized shirt and athletic shorts is a wrinkled nose. Yet, girls are still grabbing for a comfy tee over skin tight jeans and a cleavage-bearing top. YAS GURLS! Barefoot Campus Outfitter has you covered for all of your campus apparel and college gear! Shop our amazing inventory now.



As women (Trash Walkers or not) it is so important to strive to be the truest version of yourself. To eat, do, or wear whatever is it that makes you happy, after all, we only get one life – why spend it doing anything that makes you less than happy.

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