Places you can bring your best friend!

If you are a dog owner, you know the heart breaking look your pup gives you when you’re heading out the door with out them. I mean, seriously Kate (my 1 year old bulldog) deserves an Oscar for her Sarah McLachlan’s “In the arms of an Angel” performance. Then, all it takes is 6 little words to turn her mood completely around… “want to go for a ride?”. So, here is a list of a few places you can bring your best friend along for the journey and make both of your days a little bit brighter!

***please note that while each store has been known to allow pets, policies can always change or sometimes it is up to the managers discretion, so make sure to call ahead to double check!***

1. Academy

2. Apple Store

3. Anthropology

4. Barnes and Nobels

5.Bass Pro Shop

6. Bath & Body Works

7. Boomerjacks

8. Brewed

9. Footlocker

10. Free People

11. Fuzzy’s Tacos

12. Half Price Books

13. Hobby Lobby

14. Lazy Dog Restaurant

15. Lowes & Home Depot

16. Lush Cosmetics

17. Macy’s

18. Michaels

19. Nordstroms

20. Olive Garden (Call ahead to make sure there is a patio and the specific location is dog friendly)

21. Pottery Barn

22. Restoration Hard Ware

23. Sephora

24. Tiffany & Co.

25. Tractor Supply

26. Urban Outfitters

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