How To Find The Best Florida State Hats

If you grew up in the ‘90s, then you’ve seen countless Florida State hats rocked with pride. Follow enough Seminole football, and you’ll know that decade was seen by many as the heyday of the program. What’s more, much like their in-state rivals, the Seminoles had style, flair, and were about as hip as it gets. This certainly translated into their team attire, with hats taking on a lot of personality.

It’s no surprise people everywhere, fan or not, wanted to hit the streets with the freshest Florida State lid. Cocked to the side, backwards, or just old-school with a slightly hand-shaped brim, it was the pinnacle of sports fashion. 

The thing is that Florida State hats are still a mainstay for both alumni and the casual folk who dig the garnet & gold pop of color. But where do you go for the hippest hats? You do have a few options. For example:


As with most anything, you can find all manner of Florida State gear on the interwebs. A well-placed search query & a little bit of time will likely net you a pretty cool Seminole hat.

Campus Bookstore

Why struggle with a search online when you can just go to Florida State campus bookstore? You can check out the latest designs, get a jump on physical inventory before the online folks get to it, and you might even be able to score some sweet deals on clearance inventory for outgoing designs & off-brand color schemes. 

Area Thrift Stores

When people start clearing their closets out, some of the first things to go are hats. Whether it’s caps, beanies, or even the ill-fated fedora stage you went through (yeesh!), at some point, hats are out the door. The first place this stuff ends up is thrift stores. Not only can a quick dig net you some serious savings compared to retail prices, but you might even stumble onto some coveted vintage gear!

Headwear Retailers

When you last went to the mall (you know, the place we all used to go), you likely saw entire storefronts dedicated to hats. These retailers have some of the coolest & unique college team designs you’ll find anywhere. In fact, you may actually be looking at retailer-exclusive designs you won’t find anywhere else. This is especially true for popular teams like the Florida State Seminoles.

Custom/Special Order

Of course, you could choose to go the truly original option of getting a hat specially made for you. Everything from the design, color scheme, and even the fit can all be spec’d out just for your pretty head. The one drawback? As with anything fully customized, you’re gonna pay serious money for it.

Regardless of how Florida State hats find their way onto your person, just be sure you wear them with pride. The last thing you want to do is to let down the Seminole faithful. Why? ‘Cuz it’s #NoleFamily all the way, baby!

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