A Guide to the Ultimate Summer

Since summer has absolutely kicked off and we are in the middle of June, I thought it would be a good time to come up with a summer bucket list. Better late than never right?! We still have plenty of time to soak up the summer sun and all the summer fun… I’m sure you can accomplish most of these activities, if they seem to be your cup of tea! Everyone may not have plans to jet off across the world or run off to the beach this summer but you can still make it one to remember! Try something new even?!

  • Paddleboarding. You don’t have to be at the beach to give this a try! I personally wouldn’t want to give this a try for the first few times over a feeding frenzy… lol.
  • Go indoor sky diving. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go jump out of a plane but maybe this summer isn’t the time you’re ready to plunge towards death… kidding. Lol, I have done this before at the iFLY! and it was actually a lot of fun and way harder than I expected.
  • Attend a music festival. Y’all know that we’re all about the music festivals! Even if it’s something small and local, maybe even try out a new genre of music… you may end up loving something new!
  • Visit a brewery. If you’re here in Texas, you know that there are plenty of craft breweries to visit in our great state! I definitely want to visit a few this summer! There are a lot that I haven’t been to!
  • Fredericksburg & Luckenbach. Since I got off on the breweries and Texas… make a weekend trip to Fred & Luckenbach, Tx this summer! Shopping, live music, breweries & wineries! The most BEAUTIFUL views & sunsets you ever did see, hike up to Enchanted Rock and take in the wildlife and the Tx Hill Country. While you’re there, check out our Fred Barefoot location and our Camp Hayden store!! 
  • Catch a baseball game!
  • Go camping with friends. Perfect time to make memories and look back on old ones around a fire!
  • Sleep under the stars. 
  • Try a cooking class! I’ve always wanted to do this, I so wanted to when I was just in Spain but totally dropped the ball on that.
  • Go to a county fair. Yes, they may seem corny… but we need something to hold us over until the big state fair, right?!
  • Make homemade ice cream! I haven’t done this in years! YUM! What’s better?
  • Learn to surf. Maybe you are going to the beach! A beach that has some surf-able waves. Please, for me, take this opportunity and have fun with it!
  • Go to the farmer’s market. Hey! You may find a steal in there, you never know!
  • Be someone’s pen pal. I did this last summer with a friend who was working as a camp counselor and I truly enjoyed it. I feel like hand written letters and cards are a lost art and I saved every letter I got from her. It was something I cherished in the moment and something I will cherish when I look back on our letters someday.
  • State Parks. Visit all the state parks near you or make a journey to one in your state! Or not in your state… depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. We are totally gearing up to start visiting all of our state parks here in Texas and hiking around them!

I hope this list sparked your interest for some summer fun ideas! Or maybe even gave you some ideas of your own! My summer vacation just ended, so now I’m living for spontaneous, adventurous weekends. SO, if you have any other summer bucket list ideas… drop them in the comments below! We love to hear from you!

P.S. Keep tagging us in your Barefoot summer pictures on Instagram! It’s always fun to see how you guys rock your BF!

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