Events You NEED Custom Tees For…

Make sure you have tees for these events

When was the last time somebody gave you a free t-shirt and you were mad about it? Arguably the most versatile piece of clothing, nobody could ever own too many t-shirts. Barefoot Campus Outfitter knows the value that a simple, but well designed t-shirt has and how a t-shirt can transform an event from ordinary to memorable. If you’re planning an event, you should consider ordering t-shirts to give out as favors and memorabilia signaling the best day, night, or trip ever. While we could go on forever about the types of events you should provide stylish tees for, especially college shirts for student events, we’ve narrowed down a list of some of the most special:

Company Events

Make your company stand out against others by providing your employees with company t-shirts after the event. Not only is this a clever marketing technique, but providing t-shirts shows your employees and those who see them wearing the shirt that your company is engaged. A business doesn’t function well when employees feel insignificant. While a t-shirt can only go so far, it’s sure to be appreciated!

Bachelorette Parties/Bridal Party

Who doesn’t love the group tees for a bachelorette party?! Bride tribe, drunk in love & just drunk… whatever your bride wants for her and her girls, she can have! Whether it’s for her last fling before the ring or for the day of the wedding… we got ya covered! 

Class Reunions

While your campus glory days may have ended a few years ago after walking across the stage at graduation, you can still revisit the memories at class reunions. Whether it be a high school reunion or a college one, providing t-shirts to signify the event is almost as essential as hor d’oeuvres. For college reunions, college shirts with your logo on the front and something regarding the reunion on the back is something everyone will appreciate!


Take your summer trip to the next level. Whether you’re making your way to the sandy beaches of Cabo or sailing away on a cruise ship through the Atlantic, buying some custom t-shirts for your group can go a long way. Not only will they be great for keeping the group fairly organized, but they’ll also give you something to remember the trip by! Make sure to put your school’s logo on there somewhere so it could pair as a college shirt for school events and showcase your campus pride across the seven seas!

Greek Events

Rush week? Mixers? Greek sing? Did these events even happen without a custom t-shirt to commemorate the event? Don’t let your Greek event be average and provide t’s during the event so that attendees can show the rest of the school that they were at one of the best events of the semester. However, bragging rights can’t exist with just any t-shirt. Give Barefoot Campus Outfitter a shout out and we’ll hook you up with a stylish t-shirt you’ll want to wear.

Group Trips

Whether you’re a member of an a cappella ensemble or are just going on a backpacking trip to Europe with the besties, make the trip that much more special with custom t-shirts. Again, owning a shirt with a little insignia related to your trip, whether it be a flag or your group’s name, can’t be matched. Take your trip with you for the rest of your life with a stylish custom t-shirt.

Sporting Events

Honestly, what’s the point of sports if you don’t have a shirt that shows you played? Company baseball game? You’ll need a custom t-shirt for that. Flag football tournament? You’ll definitely need a shirt for that. Your school’s basketball team made it to states? Of course you’ll need a custom t-shirt for that! A great t-shirt could bring a sporting event from meh to woo-hoo instantaneously,

If your company, Greek house, or your own self happen to be hosting an event, don’t forget to purchase some custom t-shirts from Barefoot Campus Outfitter. Shoot us a message today and we’ll be sure to help you out! 

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