March Must Haves

Man, was March a good month. It was such a teaser for summer with pool days and spring break, but we still have a few more weeks (six to be exact but who’s counting). Regardless, a new month brings new favorites, so here’s mine:

Clothing: Vans Sliders

So I’m heavily into the whole slider shoe movement, they’re so comfortable that it’s hard not to be. True, they’re slightly ugly but I really couldn’t care less. I’ve had a pair of leather ones for a few months, but if you know me, you know I walk straight through puddles and have no discretion that my shoes are in fact leather, so they’re ruined (and then I left them in Padre, oops). And so, I present to you my new favorite sliders, the Van’s Classic Checkerboard Slider!! I’m aware this isn’t for everyone, but I’m stoked to rock the classic checkerboard in my fav style of shoe. PSA they leave blisters at first, but any good shoe does.

Makeup: Face Oil

I honestly haven’t really been into makeup this past month. I was somewhere between too sleepy in the morning, too broke to buy more, and my skin actually looked good, so makeup wasn’t usually on my face. But, you best believe I slapped serums on my face. I hate dry skin, everything about it. I use this face oil and I can’t complain. It’s priced well and does the job. I like blending out my cream contour when I actually use it with a stippling brush and it does an A+ job.

Food: Sweet Potato Fries

I’ve been a lover of these ever since they became a thing. I personally cut mine pretty thick and preheat my oven to 400 degrees. Then, spread about three spoon fulls of coconut oil over them and top it off with a sprinkle my favorite spices over them (cumin, curry, pink salt, pepper, red chili flakes, and chopped basil). The oil melts and acts as any other neutral oil, making the skin a little crispy and bake for about 40 minutes (patience my child). One potato fills me up and it’s fairly healthy, win-win.

Drink: Water

Ooooooh exciting. I am BAD at drinking water, not because I don’t want to, but because I always forget it at the grocery store. It’s never on my list, and I never go to the drink aisle in fear I’ll get a case of Vanilla Coke. But, this past month I did it, I bought a huge pack of water (my roommate also bought one). Currently, I have about 20 empty water bottles in my room and I’m not even mad (actually I’m mad I use plastic bottles but I’m working on that). P.S. I buy the cheapest water I can find as long as it’s purified and water is the only ingredient.

Song: Skateboard P by MadeinTYO x Big Sean

I chose this because it was my spring break groups anthem. Not because of the actual song, but because when it says “bling-blow, oh, chains on Skateboard P”, we all said “bling blaw blow, chingo skateboard pringles.” Why? Because that’s what one of my guy friends thought it said, so it stuck. And yes, everyone not in our sb group is tired of hearing this but I mean 25/8 ya know.

Youtube Channel: Ellen Fisher

Ellen is a vegan mom of two that lives in Hawaii, aka has the most interesting life ever. I love watching those “what I eat in a day” videos and Ellen kills them. Not only does she include her diet that day, but also shares her adventures and ADORABLE kids. She educational without lecturing veganism down your throat, overall such a positive channel, so I love it. Her kids are named Elvis and Sandy btw, which makes them even cuter if that’s possible.

T-Shirt: Fred Speak in Cursive

Everyone who has seen this tank, loooooves it! I’m not sure if it the color, fit, design, or obviously the wording, but it’s the whole package. I love bro tanks for over a bathing suit and they’re also super cute tied up to the side. Either way, you need this in your life.

Quote: Anything Sex and the City

I tried to find my favorite, but they’re all perfect. Carrie Bradshaw and her girl gang are all about friendships and fun. Some that I know by heart are….

“Don’t forget to fall with yourself first.”

“Some people are settling down, some are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.”

And, best one for last,

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” (:

Whatever your favorites were this March, love them and remember them, because the things that make you happy never go out of style!

XOXO, Sarah





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