Valentine Gifts They ACTUALLY Want

Okay, I have to admit… I’m not well versed in the whole Valentines frenzy. It’s just a day in February that I have an actual excuse to stay wrapped up in my blankets and watch cheesy Hallmark movies over and over. But, I am the ultimate gift fanatic. Getting gifts is the best, seriously nothing beats free stuff that you want.  Also, giving gifts is cool too (not as cool but it’s still important). The problem with gifts though is you more than likely can’t read minds, and you don’t want to ruin the element of surprise by just straight up asking your significant other what they want (if this is you, you need to reevaluate your life). So I am graciously donating all my tips on figuring out the perf gift, and sharing all the amazing ideas I have pinned and weirdly researched in my free time (because I’m single and can’t use them). You’re welcome (:

First off, keep a running tab of what your person says, I know it’s creepy but stay with me. When you’re casually shopping and you hear “Omg this is so cute, too bad I don’t have any money/it’s not in my size” or any other valid excuse on why they can’t get it RIGHT NOW, open your notes in your phone and write that ish down. Now, having a valid excuse is important, it signifies that they actually do want it, and they just aren’t randomly saying they like it to hear themselves talk. Now you have a list of things you know they actually do want and do like, and you can get them without hesitation.

Since the big V Day is only two weeks away, and you don’t have a list of things they want, here’s mine. A list of things guy probably want, and a list of what girls definitely want.


Experiences! Can not tell you how much you should do this. The person you’re with hopefully enjoys time with you, so give them that!

Drive Xotic

This company located in the DFW area (I’m sure there are other companies that are similar in your state, this is just the one I’m familiar with), gives you the chance to drive exotic cars. Seriously your guy will love this so much. This is on the higher end, you only get four laps in one car of your choice, but still an experience nonetheless.  (Extra points if you don’t complain about the noise)


I don’t know your man, but all the ones I’ve dated enjoy beer. Plus, craft beers are wayyyyy better than Miller Light, sorry but true. Going to breweries is actually surprisingly fun. They’re an awesome atmosphere, sometimes with bands playing, and you get to try things you probably couldn’t otherwise. Anyway, just googling breweries in your area will leave you with an array of options. Check websites like Tripadvisor and Yelp to help with actual customer reviews, but I’ve never been to a bad brewery. But, if you happen to live in the DFW area, here are the ones I can genuinely say are worth it.

Revolver Brewery (Granbury, Texas)

HopFusion Ale Works (Fort Worth, Texas)

Rahr & Sons Brewery (Fort Worth, Texas)

Martin House Brewing Co. (Fort Worth, Texas)

Jester King Brewery (Fredricksburg, Texas) P.S. we have a store there that sometimes has free beer!!

The Flying Saucer (Fort Worth, Texas)

Antebellum Ale House (Weatherford, Texas)

(the last two aren’t technically breweries, but still have unique beer, and good vibes)

-Sport Event Tickets

Whether he likes basketball or hockey, get him seats to your local teams game! You can actually find them for a decent price on StubHub or TicketMaster and it’s a fun way to spend time together!

I get it, you don’t have time to schedule something like this, you’re broke, or you’re just trying to make it through the day in the least painful way. So in that case, gifts can be easy-peasy and effective.

-Heart shaped food

Cook his eggs in a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut his burger into a heart, idk you get the idea. Or, order a pizza in a heart. Usually companies offer this around the holiday, but if not, just ask (and promise a good tip)!

-His outworn clothes

Guys are strange and wear the same thing over and over until it looks grungy. So, get a duplicate of the jeans he wears 24/7. It’s super simple, but he probably wouldn’t of bought a new one until it was falling off his body. Or even better, give him a new addiction; Barefoot t-shirts and hats are always a guy favorite, and super comfy. They already have that worn in feel and compliment any style.

-A nice wallet

If he’s going to be spending money on you, make sure he does it in style at least. (Extra points if  you put a gift card in it)


Same thing, experiences are unique and appreciated.


Maybe not your initial idea of a perfect day, but believe me, your girl wants it. She will love that you’re willing to get your feet rubbed with her, and come on, it can’t be THAT bad.

Texas Tulips

Okay so they don’t open until early March (so just promise it in a loving card) but this is so dreamy. This company in Pilot Point, Texas (only an hour from Fort Worth) has acres of tulips that you get to pick! So not only are you giving her flowers, you get to actually cut them in a majestic field of pink. Win-win.


Girls are caught up with hiking right now, don’t ask me why but it’s trendy and kinda fun. Plan a date, pack some water and snacks, and go to a national park! (Extra points if you take a Instagram worthy picture like this)

You don’t have to spend $100+ on jewelry that she wears out of guilt.

-Mugs (or cups)

Girls go crazy over vessels that they can drink out of. Again, I don’t get it, but I have actual endorphins when I look at cups. Target has cute ones (Target has cute everything but that’s another blog), or get her college emblem on one from Barefoot

-Framed Photo

This is such a sweet gesture and so cheap and simple. Print her favorite picture of you two (probably her phone background) in high quality, grab a frame, and wha la! (Extra points if you write a simple message on the back of the photo)

-Nice Flowers

Cancel the order you made for pink carnations. I get it, you’re not experienced in flowers, they all look the same. BUT THEY’RE NOT. You’re girl will like any flowers you give her, but she will love them (and you) if you give her high end flowers. I sometimes think it’s dumb to spend so much money on plants that die, but when I receive them, whole other story. If you don’t know her favorite (shame on you) get her my favorite. Peonies.

Maybe your lover will hate all these, but that’s highly unlikely. If all else fails, just tell them you appreciate them. It doesn’t matter if you have been married for 34 years, or just met. Being appreciated is something everyone deserves to hear, and will make them so happy to hear.

XOXO, Sarah





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