How To ‘Thanksgiving’ (for a college student)


  1. Attempt to get out of your last day of classes before break officially starts. For more family time, ya know?
  2. Throw as many clothes as you can in a duffle bag. You never know what being home will entail. Will you go out with high school friends? Will you camp on the couch binge watching Netflix all week? Will you look like a presentable human being for the first time all semester? Who knows.
  3. Don’t forget to pack the most important item: your hamper full of dirty clothes. (thank your sweet mother)
  4. Put just enough gas in your vehicle to get you home, your parents will most likely offer to fill ‘er up.
  5. Do not, I repeat do not Friendsgiving too hard the night of Thanksgiving Eve. Somehow pumpkin pie will taste like RumChata and that one sibling will find a way to make your hangover worse than it already is.
  6. Be prepare to answer all of those thought provoking questions from your relatives. Honestly just wing the answers. It’s more fun that way anyway. “Ashley, what are your plans for after you graduate?” “I’m actually moving to Thailand a week after I walk the stage to work on an elephant orphanage.” (actually sounds like a good plan)
  7. Have tupperware prepared. Leftovers mean free food and free food means more money for wine.

But seriously, enjoy the time that you have at home. If you’re like most college students you don’t get much of it. College flies by and after it’s all said and done things won’t be the same. It’ll be time to adult and Lord knows reality will hit like a brick wall.

Stay blessed y’all!

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