Mood Board: Back To School

Get to the store to buy your school supplies now before all of the good stuff is gone!!!!

Just kidding. Lets be real, we’ll all be at beloved Walmart (or Target if you prefer Michelob over Keystone) the night before classes start scrambling to find a binder that will most likely only be touched the first week of classes to stuff syllabi.

But ready or not here comes the semester! Recruitment week is quickly approaching, which means bid day is that much closer (EHMERGERD!!!!), you’ll have to get to know a new set of professors, get your life back together, attempt to have a social life, keep up with football, etc.

Throw on a tee, put your hair in a messy//man bun, grab a coffee & tackle this upcoming semester! Cherish every little detail of it, too. Down to the all-nighters you pulled in the chapter room with the guys. Because you’ll eventually be an emotionally distraught senior who cannot fathom being done with school forever who may or may not cry while looking at their planner because everything is a “last one.” Idk though.. Can’t say that I relate……………

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