Sam Houston Freshman Survival Guide

College Survival-01

  • Freshman 15 is almost inevitable, be cautious & make healthy decisions.
  • The rec is packed after 12:00 am.
  • The squirrels have the right away here.
  • & you always stop for the chickens & ducks crossing the road.
  • Snag a pic with Sammy when you see him on campus.
  • Get involved! (I cannot stress this enough)
  • Don’t go home every weekend. Just don’t be that guy.
  • Put bubbles in the fountain at your own risk..
  • The library is typically only used during finals week so take advantage before.
  • Tuesday’s are for shenanigans. It’s quarter night. Need we say more?
  • Wednesday’s are too because free admission & karaoke night.
  • Thursday you have to get Foxy. (aka the place to be is The Fox).
  • Use the “I’m a freshman” excuse while you can.
  • Game days are spent at Bearkat Alley.
  • Don’t sit in your dorm room & binge watch Netflix. Get out & meet people.
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