Iowa State Freshman Survival Guide

College Survival-01

  • Walk around the Zodiac so you don’t flunk your next exam.
  • If you happen to, throw a coin into the fountain of four seasons directly outside the door.
  • You officially become an Iowa Stater when you’re kissed under the campanile at the stroke of midnight.
  • The tailgates, fireworks, lawn displays, Yell Like Hell, mass campaniling… Do it all during homecoming!
  • Freshman 15 is almost inevitable, be cautious & make healthy decisions.
  • If you walk around Lake Laverne three times in silence with your beloved, you’re destined to be together.
  • Believe in the Hilton Magic.
  • Use the “I’m a freshman” excuse while you can.
  • You have to sing “Sweet Caroline” in between the third & fourth quarters of football games when the Cyclones are ahead // after significant victories.
  • Dining centers: Seasons, UDCC, Hawthorne & the Mu Food Court.
  • Coffee Spots: Starbucks (right next to Barefoot), The Hub (on campus), Dunkin’ Donuts (Lincoln Way, close to the state gym), Stomping Grounds (Welch Ave. south of campus).
  • Don’t sit in your dorm room & binge watch Netflix. Get out & meet people!
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