Georgia Southern Freshman Survival Guide

College Survival-01

  • Gnats Landing is the best place to go relax & have a drink. Great burgers/food & always something fun to do like karaoke night.
  • El Rinconcito is the best Mexican food in The Boro. Literally a little hole in the wall but has the best prices on food.
  • Never forget about Zaxby’s, the original was founded here! They rebuilt a new one as a tribute to the original.
  • Ogeechee Fair is always an awesome time! It’s October 17-22 & they even have a student night for GSU students.
  • Always ask for student discounts or if a place uses Eagle Express!
  • Make sure you see the players ride the yellow school busses to the field on game days! They’re the original busses Erk & the team used to travel when they could not afford good transportation.
  • If you are in need of some down time, throw up a hammock in Sweetheart Circle. It’s a beautiful place to relax.
  • The library is your best friend! Use it!
  • Join organizations & play intramural sports.
  • Go to the Rec! It’s one of the nicest recreational facilities in the country.
  • Make sure you see Freedom’s flight before the games! It’s awesome seeing our eagle soar high above Paulson Stadium!
  • Greek row is always a fun time on game days.
  • Know what GATA stands for… get after that ass!
  • Don’t miss the homecoming game. It’s a blast & by far one of the best games!
  • Embrace the backpack sweat. It’s south Georgia! Everyone on campus is suffering from the heat (& the gnats)..
  • Always yell “one more time” after the kickoff! That was one of Erk’s favorite things to say, “for the greatest team in America.”
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